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Title A Collection of drawings made in the countries visited by Captain Cook on his three voyages of discovery. Also prints published in Hawksworth's voyages of Byron, Wallis and Cook, 1768-1780
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1768-1780
Document Type Illustration, Manuscript
Library British Library
Reference Add Mss 23920-1
Region South America, Africa, Australasia, North America, Europe
Names Captain James Cook, Captain King, Captain William Bligh, Commodore Byron, Poulaho King of Friendly Islands, Captain Samuel Wallis, William Hodges, John Webber, Alex Buchan, S. Parkinson, J. F. Millar, Otoo, King of Tahiti (i83), Omai (i85-87), Chief of Christina (i101)
Places Latin America, Brazil, Rio De Janeiro (i2-4), Argentina, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego (i5), South Georgia, South Africa, Cape of Good Hope, Soru, Timor, Van Diemen's land, Tasmania, New Zealand (i10-32), Tologu Bay (i11), Tolagu, Oceania, New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Friendly Islands (i39), Otaheite, Tahiti (i43, 50-53, 80, 83), Ulietea (i48), Society Islands, French Polynesia, Easter Island (i103), Sandwich Islands (i109, 116), Hawaii, St Christina (i101, 102), Nootka Sound (i117-120), Prince William Sound (i121), Oonalashka (i125-129), Alaska, Russia, Kamchatka, Kamschatka (i132)
Topics male illustrator, exploration, landscapes, Endeavour, indigenous peoples, South American Indians, towns, jewellery (i6, 35, 95), weapons (i10), Hottentots, Indigenous peoples, portraits (i83, 85-87, 101-102, 104, 114-115, 118-119, 122-123, 127-128, 138-139), appearance, dress (i31, 77, 113, 125, 130, 135), Island peoples, indigenous housing (i52, 112, 117, 125, 132, 135), Maoris (i18-27), weapons (i10, 27, 31, 98), fishing (i40), canoes (i15, 36, 56-58, 65, 90, 107, 108, 126), tattoos (i25), instruments (i32), carvings (i34), indigenous peoples, New Caledonian islanders, dance (i80-82, 113), furniture, tools, weapons, canoes, Society Islanders, temples, human sacrifice (i74), sledge (i136-137), Native Americans (i117), death, burial customs (i78-79), tools (i95-96), mask (i109), hunting (i140), natural history (i140-145), polar bear (i142), kangaroo (i143), breadfruit (i145)