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Title A collection of papers relating to trade imports, exports and taxes
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1706
Document Type Manuscript, Report
Library British Library
Reference MSS Sloane 2902
Region Europe, Africa, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South Asia, East Asia
Names Abraham Hill, Charles II, John Dudgeon, Secretary of Bermuda (f100)
Places England, London, Scandinavia (f173), Ireland (f218), South Africa, Cape of Good Hope, Middle East, Persia (ff69, 271), Iran, Americas (ff76, 244), Florida (f106), Pennsylvania (f164), New York (f188), Maryland (f284), New Hampshire (f195), Nova Scotia (f188), Newfoundland (f199), Rhode Island (f213), Canada (f157), West Indies, Barbados (ff79, 87), St Christopher, Leward Islands (f107), Jamaica (ff151, 267), Bermuda (f100), India, Bombay (f145), Bengal (f147), Asia, China (f146)
Topics trade, promotion of empire trade, commerce, balance of trade, import, export figures, currency, minting, counterfeiting (f23), gold, silver (f17), impact of war on trade (ff25, 73, 88), East India Company (ff25, 99, 115, 143, 148, 271), Royal Africa Company (f87, 89), trade competition with Europe, German empire, French empire (ff88, 92, 157, 172), Dutch empire, Portuguese empire, silk (f35), wine and brandy (ff53, 59, 283), tobacco (f68), Dutch East India Company (f71), plantations in America (ff76, 244), law, judicial system (f81), slave trade, slavery (ff80, 87, 88), ivory, beeswax, wood, indigenous peoples of Guinea, tribal wars, forts maintained by the Royal African Company (f89), African import export figures (f90), members of Royal African Company court, customs receipts, trade figures, tobacco, leather, silk (f99), sugar (f115), linen tax in Ireland (f133), Irish wool industry (ff137, 178), jewel trade (ff142, 150), wool, silk, linen trade (f160), Native Americans (f166), Royal Commission Report on Trade including Europe, East Indies, American plantations and promotion of the slave trade (f171), poor relief, hospitals (f233)