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Title An Authentic Narrative of Four Years of Residence at Tongataboo: one of the Friendly Islands, in the South-Sea, By _______ who went Thither in the Duff, Under Captain Wilson, in 1796
Section Section IV: Religion & Empire
Date 1810
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher Longman
Library British Library
Reference 1430.e.3
Region North America
Names Captain John Wilson, Reverend Thomas Scott (pv), Captain Bligh (pp45, 49), Captain James Cook (pp58, 64, 66)
Places Tongataboo, Tonga Islands, Friendly Islands, Teneriff (p25), Cape of Good Hope (p27), Latin America, South America, Brazil (p28), Rio de Janeiro (p27), Patagonia (p36), Cape Horn (pp36-37), New Holland, Australia (p41), Otaheite, Tahiti (pp44, 47, 203-204, 207), Island of Toobouai (pp45, 47), Matavai Bay (pp49, 60), Taloo (pp57-58), Asia, China (pp73, 202-203, 207, 210), United States of America, U. S. A (pp202, 221), New York (pp215, 220), Europe, England (p214), City of London (pp219-221), France (p214), West Indies, Caribbean, Martinco (p215), Dominica (p215), Guadaloupe (pp215, 217),
Topics memoir, exploration, indigenous peoples, HMS Duff, London Missionary Society, missionaries, missionary work, natural history, content (ppix-xv), author introduces himself (pp17-19), Voyage from England to St Jago (pp20-26), description of St Jago (pp25-26), Voyage to Rio de Janeiro, and by the way of the Cape of Good Hope (pp27-40), coffee-house (p29), religion (pp30-32, 34-35, 42, ), superstition, Catholicism (pp30-32, 34-35), slavery, slave trade (pp32-34), Voyage from off New Holland to Otaheite (pp41-48), Occurrences at Otaheite and Eimeo (pp49-61), Voyage from Otaheite to Tongataboo (pp62-70), Occurrences at Tongataboo, till the Duff's Return (pp71-83), East India Company (p73), description of gorey funeral of chief (pp78-79), sacrifice (pp78-79), Occurrences Before and After the Final Departure of the Duff (pp84-92), customs with kava (pp97-101) A Day and Night at Tongataboo (pp93-106), The Author's Declension (pp107-112), the author wears native dress (pp108-110), the author takes a wife (pp111-112), marriage (pp111-112, 140-141, 143-144, 223), Hindus, Hinduism, Hindoos (pp118-120), the Failure of the Mission Considered, and Reflections on Missions in General (pp113-124), the Author's Prosperity at Tonga (pp125-134), Customs of the Natives and the Author's Prosperity (pp135-157), courtship and marriage of a chief a Tonga (pp143-145), Deities (pp151-152), customs (pp151-155), War at Tonga and the Fate of the Missionaries (pp158-171), Continuance and Termination of the War (pp172-181), tattooing (pp178-180), murder of mother and baby (p188), the Author's Escape from the South-Sea Islands (pp195-201), Voyage from Vavou to China, and to America (pp202-218), Buonapart French Privateer (p203), Return to England (pp219-225), Appendix (pp227-234)