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Title Blacks and Whites in West Africa: an Account of the Past Treatment and Present Condition of West African Natives under European Influence or Control
Author(s) Fox Bourne, H. R. (Secretary of the Aborigines Protection Society)
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Document Type Pamphlet
Place of Publication London
Publisher P. S. King & Son
Library Cambridge University Library
Reference 43.m
Region Africa
Names H. R. Fox Bourne
Places Gold Coast (pp19-21, 23-24, 34, 39-42, 56-63), The Gambia (pp21, 25-26, 44-48), Sierra Leone (pp21, 25-26, 38, 48-54), Freetown (p48), Lagos (pp21-22, 37, 63-66), Congo (pp28, 30, 32, 33, 79, 81-86), Sudan (pp33, 78), Nigeria (pp42-43, 66-74), Liberia (pp54-56), Cameroon (p76), Senegal (p78)
Topics Aborigines Protection Society, "Introduction" (p5), "West African Natives and their Institutions" (pp7-12), 'The Negro Basis' (p7), 'The Arab Conquests' (pp8-9), 'The Negro Groups (p10), 'The Moslem Influence' (p11), 'Negro Fetish (p11), 'Social Arrangements' (p12), "European Encroachments in West Africa" (pp13-43), 'Elizabethan Adventurers' (p13), 'The West African Slave Trade' (p14), 'The French Pioneers' (p15), 'The Portuguese' (p15), 'The Dutch and Others' (p16), slavery, 'Progress of the Slave Trade' (p16), Abolition of the Slave Trade (p17), 'Sierra Leone Colonisation' (p17), 'Niger Exploration' (p18), 'Nineteenth Century Reconstruction' (pp18-19), 'Our West African Settlements' (p19), 'The Gold Coast and the Ashantis (p19), 'The Gold Coast under Maclean' (pp20-21), 'Fresh Troubles with the Ashantis' (p22), 'The Parliamentary Committee of 1885' (p23), 'Gold Coast Expansion' (pp23-24), 'The Ashanti War of 1873-4' (p24), 'Its Evil Consequences' (pp24-25), 'French Enterprises' (p26), The Opening up of the Niger (p27), 'The Berlin Conferences of 1884-5' (p29), 'The Brussels Conference of 1889-90' (pp31-32), 'French Sudan and the Niger' (p33), 'The Niger Delta' (p34), French and English Methods (p34), Mr Chamberlain's Policy (p38), "The Condition of Natives in West Africa" (pp44-86), indigenous tribes, British Rule (pp46-48), Trading Expansions (p50), The Frontier Police Force (p52), repatriation (p54), Land Usages (p58), 'Customs' (p59), 'Human Sacrifices' (pp60-61), Land Difficulties (pp62-63), 'The Benin Disaster' (p72), 'The Brass Disturbances' (p72), The West African Frontier Force (p72), 'European Rivalries' (p74), The Liquor Trade (p74)
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