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Title Blacks and Whites in South Africa: an account of the past treatment and present condition of South African Natives under British and Boer control.
Author(s) Fox Bourne, H. R. (Secretary of the Aborigines Protection Society)
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date ca. 1900
Document Type Report
Place of Publication London
Publisher P. S. King & Son
Library Anti-Slavery International
Reference 2739
Region Africa
Names H. R. Fox Bourne
Places South Africa, Cape Town
Topics slavery, Aborigines Protection Society, slave trade (pp16, 35, 77, 88), race (pp5, 19, 46, 57, 64, 80, 93), "south African natives and their institutions" (p5), "European encroachments in south Africa" (pp7-37), "the condition of natives in south Africa" (pp38-76), indigenous people (p5), tribes, "bushmen" (pp7, 18, 20), "Hottontots" (pp7, 18, 20, 46, 52), "Bantus" (p8), "the Batshuana" (pp8, 65), "the Basuto" (p9), "the Kafir group" (pp9, 20, 57), "the Fingoes" (p9), "the Zulus" (pp9, 24, 44, 58), "laws and cutoms" (p11), crime (pp11-12), punishment (pp11, 31, 56), witchcraft (pp11-13), land rights (pp11, 90, 92), marriage (pp11-12), religion (p12), "treatment of natives" (pp14, 19, 28, 35, 73, 77, 89), "the wrongs of the natives" (p16), Boers, Boer war (pp16, 21, 26), "slave trade abolition" (p20), "Kafir wars" (p20), "the abolition of slavery" (p23), "the diamond and gold discoveries" (pp37, 41), "British central Africa!" (p38), "coloured persons in the colony" (p46), "uncivilised natives" (p49), alcohol (pp51-52), "the native laws" (p53), "native reserves and locations" (p58), "a charter for natives wanted" (p91), equality (p93)
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