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Title CMS Historical Record
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1949
Document Type Report, Manuscript, Missionary Papers
Library University of Birmingham Library
Region Africa, South Asia, Middle East, East Asia
Names Bishop T. L. C. Horstead (p1), Reverend F.M. Snellgrove (p3), Pandit Nehru (p229)
Places West Africa, Sierra Leone (p1), Free Town (p3), Nigeria (p25), Yoruba (p12), Niger (p35), East Africa, Uganda (p96), Tanganyika (p82), Ruanda (p125), Rwanda, North Africa, Upper Nile (p138), Egypt (p188), Old Cairo, Cairo, Kenya (p54), Mombasa, Nairobi, Sudan (p159), Ceylon (p338), Sri Lanka, China, Chekiang (p371), Fukien (p361), Kwangsi, Hunan (p352), South China (p344), West China (p391), India, Calcutta (p281)Bengal (p280), Bhagalpur (p286), Bombay (p241), Dornakel (p295), Madras (p294), Nasik (p253), Punjab (p218), Tinnevelly (p312), Travancore, Cochin (p326), United Provinces (p259), Iran (p206), Asia, Japan (p398), Hiroshima (pp399, 404), Middle East Palestine (p196), Israel, Nablus, Gaza, Pakistan (p218), Asia, Hong Kong (p346), Foochow
Topics missionary papers, Church Missionary Society, CMS, missionary reports, education, medical work, evangelism, nationalism, decolonization, end of empire, Islam, Mohammedanism (pp2, 159, 168), Fourah Bay College (pp3, 4), Annie Walsh Memorial School (p4), Buncumbu Union College (p7), Lagos Cathedral (p12), health and disease, leprosy, lepers (pp33, 40, 94, 134), Niger nationalism (p39), anti European (p35), Catholic missions (p36), communism (pp36, 96, 196, 206, 259, 344, 399), newspapers promoting nationalism (p39), bookshop (pp42, 59), agricultural education (p44), female domestic education (p46), CMS Outlook, literacy, higher education, fetish (p68), industrialisation (p78), witchcraft (p82), nationalism in Tanganyika, Ugandan nationalism (p96), civil disturbance, rioting (p96), marriage customs, polygamy (p101), effects of cash economy in Africa (pp125, 133), economic change, dress (pp125, 300), alcohol consumption (p138), sexually transmitted disease (pp138, 206), translating the Bible (pp126, 171), cultural and religious clash between north and south Sudan (pp168, 159), Muslim Brotherhood, nationalists in Egypt (p188), religious education policy in Egypt (p189), Cairo hospital (p193), refugees in Palestine (p196), end of British Mandate (p196), Arab-Jewish conflict (p196), high salaries paid by oil company (p213), Indian partition (p218), inflation, opium (p260), language education policy in India (p248), religious education policy in India (pp303, 317), Chinese civil war (pp344, 352), Red Army (p352), CMS failure to operate, situation in China (pp361, 391), student unrest (p391), democracy in Japan (p398), post war Japan (p398), Communism in Hiroshima (p399), atom bomb on Hiroshima (p399)
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