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Title Christian Researches in Asia, with notices of the translation of the scriptures into the Oriental languages
Author(s) Buchanan, Rev Claudius
Section Section IV: Religion & Empire
Date 1811
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication Cambridge/London
Publisher J. Deighton/Cadell and Davies
Library British Library
Reference G.20246
Region South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East
Names Reverend Claudius Buchanan, Lieut.-Colonel Colebrooke (p2), William Hunter (p2), William Carey (p2), Marquis Wellesley (pp3, 5, 40), Bishop of Llandaff (pp250-255)
Places Asia, China, India, Bengal, College of Fort William, Calcutta (pp3, 7, 11), Coromandel (pp5, 68), Cape Comorin (p7), Travancore (pp7-8, 88-120), Goa (pp7-8, 127-155), Tanjore, Thanjavur (pp8, 17, 42-66), Trichinopoly (pp8, 64-67, 126), Madras (p7), Tranquebar, Tarangambadi (pp7, 50-54, 67), Bombay, Mumbai (p8), Serampore, Serampur (pp11, 34), Malabar (pp88-120, 191), Ceylon, Sri Lanka (pp7, 70-77), Malay Archipelago, Indonesia, East Java, Madura (pp7-8, 126), Sumatra, Bencoolen (pp78-87), Persia, Iran (pp158-166), Arabia (pp167-177)
Topics translation of scriptures, Oriental languages, education, learning languages, missionaries, missionary work, Christianity, Lutheran missionaries (p5), Roman Catholic missionaries (p6), London Missionary Society (pp14-15), Baptist missionaries (pp5-6), mission in Tanjore (pp42-66), impact of missionary work, influence of Christianity (pp16-17), letters of King George I and Archbishop Wake (pp42-49), Syrian Christians (pp88-120), paganism (pp1, 9, 17), Hinduism (p7), Hindu temples (pp7-8), Hindu culture, Hindu festivals (p22), Rutt Jattra (pp22, 33), idolatry (pp17-31, 67), cult of Juggernaut (pp8, 17-32, 67, 126), pilgrims (pp17-22), female sacrifice, immolation, suttee, sati (pp35-42, 155), Hindu versions of the scriptures (pp67-69), Hindu language (pp67-70), Judaism (pp183-223), Ten Tribes of Israel (pp208-212), Inquisition at Goa (pp130-154), The Arabic School for the Translation of the Scriptures (pp178-182), translation library, Bibliotheca Biblica (pp224-228), ecclesiastical establishment for British India (pp235-249)