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Title Christianity Among the New Zealanders
Author(s) Rev. Williams, William (D. C. I. Bishop of Waiapu)
Section Section IV: Religion & Empire
Date 1867
Document Type Printed Book
Library British Library
Region Australasia
Names The Right Rev. William Williams, Captain James Cook (pp1, 16, 274), Rev. Samuel Marsden, William Hall (p4), John King (p4), Ruatara (p4-7, 12-15), Hongi, Henry Williams
Places New Zealand, New South Wales, Bay of Islands, Waiapu, Kerikeri, Paihia, Cook's Straits
Topics religion, Christianity, missionary work, CMS, contents, list of appendix (pp381-384), colonial conflicts, destruction of English flag (pp306-307), massacre of the Boyd (pp8-9), establishment of Church, preparation for divine service (p12), the first Sabbath (p13), tension between Christian and catholic converts (pp334-340), indigenous peoples, indigenous customs, Maori customs, death customs (pp15, 32, 263, 266), suicide (p15, 32 35), greeting, rubbing noses (p82), war dance (p92), marriage (pp97-99, 330), polygamy (pp155-157), indigenous housing (p16), fortifications, Pa, Christian Pa (p314), clothing (pp16, 277), agriculture (pp16-17, 193), food, cooking (pp123, 153), superstition (pp19-20, 69, 134-135, 222-223), Maori Gods (p145), Maori reaction to the missionaries (p20-22, 61), baptism (pp63, 100, 103, 118), desire of baptized Maoris to worship separately (p129), tribal conflict (pp22-26, 29-30, 71, 105-107), warfare, weaponry, guns, procurement of muskets by the Maoris (pp23-24, 27), cannibalism (pp24, 26-27, 32-33), slaves, human sacrifice (pp3, 69, 266), slave trade, (p39), slaves and conversion to Christianity (p126), murder of prisoners (pp32, 34-35), study of indigenous language to enable the translation of the scripture (pp67-68, 117, 164), threats to missionaries (pp71-73), murder of Mr. Volkner (p372-373), health and illness, influenza (p257), consumption (pp262, 320), asthma (p271), hooping cough (p320), colonization of New Zealand (p276-277, 356), effect of colonization on indigenous peoples, alcohol, drunkenness (p278), "intemperance and immorality as a custom of the white people" (p319), trade (p299), treaty of Waitangi (pp305-306), Maori chief's widow promoting Christianity (pp319-320), tattooing (p333), list of communicant numbers from 1841-1849 (p345), effect of Christianity on the manners and customs of indigenous people (pp348-355), land rights, annexing of Maori land, rebellion of the Maoris (pp364, 374), rejection of Christianity (pp366, 368), The Land League (p358), Maori King Movement (pp362-363)