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Title Church Missionary Gleaner, 1915
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1915
Document Type Journal, Missionary Papers
Place of Publication London
Publisher Church Missionary Society
Library University of Birmingham Library
Region Africa, Middle East, East Asia, Australasia
Names Reverend A. Field, King Daudi Chwa, King George V, Lord Frederick Roberts, Bishop of Lahore (p53), Bishop of Bristol, Bishop of Chelmsford
Places West Africa, Zaria, Nigeria, Hausaland, Niger, East Africa, Sudan, Kikuya, Uganda, North Africa, Egypt, Cairo, Turkey, Persia, Iran, Iraq, Mesopotamia, Turkish Arabia, Mosul, Palestine, Israel, Nazareth, Gaza, South Asia, India, Punjab, Sindh, Lucknow, Muttra, Travancore, Bengal, Ceylon, Sri Lanka, China, Peking, Nanyoh, Kwangsi, Hunan, Fukien, Chekiang, Mienchow, Canton (p121), Foochow, Japan, Choshi, Fujiyama, New Zealand
Topics missionary papers, periodical, contents, Church Missionary Society, CMS, missionary work, evangelism, education, missionary reports, building a school (p147), Kurds, population of India (p141), Indian floods (p182), poetry, missionary literature, World War One, Muslim support for British during World War One (p2), missionaries held as prisoners of war (p18), potential CMS withdrawal from certain regions, support for sons of CMS members killed in the war (p99), German empire, German East Africa, health and disease, cholera in Kashmir (p23), opium trade (p6), Numbers of CMS schools, staff and pupils, Limpsfield children's home (p10), Christmas in an Indian mission (p13), missionary liand work amongst Muslims in Palestine (p21), Islam, Mohammedanism, Hindus, Hinduism, baptisms of converts, Fukien mission, financial position of CMS (pp41, 81), requests for funding, fetish (p43), debts of missionaries (p44), translating Bible into Ibo (p44), medicine, medical work in the Punjab (p67), medical missions, gender roles, role of women (pp71, 117), lias a female Muslim, Zenana, witchdoctor (p138), superstition, deaths of Armenian Christians, Armenian massacre
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