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Title Colonization in its bearing on The Extinction of the Aboriginal Races
Author(s) Langfield Ward, J.
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1874
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Library Cambridge University Library
Reference 11m7
Region North America, South America, Africa, Australasia, Central America and the Caribbean
Names Columbus (p36), Captain Cook (pp50, 74), Captain Stockenstrom (p115)
Places California (pp50-51), Latin America, Mexico (pp40, 96, 131, 138), Paraguay (pp56, 126), Peru (pp96, 131, 138), Cape Colony (pp47, 102), Algeria (p54), New Zealand (pp47-49, 102, 111, 126, 131-132, 138), Australia (pp17, 50, 131, 137-138), New South Wales (p137), Van Diemen's Land (pp121-122, 131), West Indian Islands (p18), Hayti (pp36-38, 44), Bahamas (p36), Jamaica (p36)
Topics dominion lands, indigenous people, settlers, emigration (pp4, 134), slavery (pp6, 37-38, 45, 72-73, 117, 138-139), Roman colonization (pp8, 22-32), Greek colonization (pp9, 105), 'Justification of Colonization, and the Obligations it Involves' (pp10-21), systems of colonization (p10), establishment of colonies (p14), massacre (pp16, 72), slaughter (p16), Boers (pp18, 48), Kafirs (pp18, 48, 53, 77, 109, 115, 139), Hottentots (pp18,48, 53, 115-116, 126, 139-140), Spanish Government (pp18-19), 'Systems of Colonization' (pp22-54), American colonies (p33), gold (pp35, 37), atrocities (p35), destruction of indigenous people (pp36-37), agriculture (pp38, 47, 51, 92, 117), Mutual Protection Society (p138), Spanish policy (pp35-42, 111), health and disease (pp50, 70, 81-87, 90, 97), epidemic, smallpox (pp81-85), Black Death (p83), vaccination (p84), pestilence (pp85, 97), consumption (pp50, 87), weapons, firearms (pp50, 75, 80), war (pp50, 70-76, 85, 91, 103, 109-111), East India Company (pp51-53), Hudson Bay Company (p51), Dutch colonists (p53), French colonists (p53), 'Plans Adopted to Hinder Depopulation' (pp55-69), Jesuits (pp55-69), King Phillip's War (p63), 'Causes of Depopulation' (pp70-99), alcohol (pp87-90, 97, 112), drunkenness (pp87, 89), smuggling (p88), trade, fur (pp88-89), famine (p90), superiority of the colonists (p92), expulsion (p95), 'The Remedies' (pp100-136), prospects of future colonization (p102), interference of the Government (p102), immigration (p106), military operations (p108), appointment of a Protector (p112), Native American tribes (pp116-121, 133, 140), prosperity, printing press, Cherokee Phoenix (p118), education (pp118, 125), separation, "isolation of the natives" (pp122-124, 129), religion, missionaries (pp127-128), amalgamation (pp130-133), manslaughter (p137)
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