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Title Confessions of a Thug, Volume 1: In the service of H. H. the Nizam
Author(s) Captain Taylor, Meadows
Section Section II: Empire Writing & the Literature of Empire
Date 1839
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher Richard Bentley
Library British Library
Reference T7634
Region South Asia
Names Captain Meadows Taylor, Ameer Ali, George, Lord Auckland, Lord William Cavendish Bentinck (pxix), Feringhea (pxiii), Colonel Sleeman (ppxiv, xvi), Haidar Ali, Hyder Ali (p187)
Places India, Holkar (p5), Sheopoor (p62), Nagpoor (pp73, 100, 125), Mungloor (p132), Hyderabad (pp167, 182, 186, 202, 298)
Topics fiction, Indian literature, travel, Thugs, Thuggee, soldier, dangers of travelling in India, law (ppxiii, 2), theft, crime and punishment (ppvii, xiii, 94, 266-278), transport (pvii), poor government (pvii), luxury goods (pix, 24), gold (ppix, 5, 24, 150, 278, 304), jewels (ppix, 150, 183, 202, 304), corruption (pix), religion, Hinduism (ppix, 65, 293), Islam, Mohammedanism (ppxi, 26-33, 64, 133, 296, 306), statistics of sentences and deaths of Thugs awaiting trial (pxx), prostitution (pxxii), hunting (pp4, 46), servants (p5), death, murder (pp15, 85, 143, 175, 263), opium (pp19, 117, 169), trade (p22), Houris (pp26, 199), superstition, Goor (pp25, 34, 71, 88, 90, 149), religious tolerance between Thugs (pp39, 64), Shakespeare (pp42, 62), natural history (p55), tiger (p55), festival of Dasera (p63), Thuggee religion (pp64-69), Thuggee initiation ceremony (pp70, 84, 90, 149), torture (pp95, 272), revenge (p119), sacrifice (p121), fast (p121), strangling technique (p123), burial customs, burial of victims (pp86, 146, 177, 289), customs officials (p156), Zenana (pp160-183, 187, 192, 217, 244), escape from Zenana (pp217, 233), dress (pp179, 184, 188), colonial rule, colonial power (pp186, 298), weapons, superior European weapons (p186), nationalism, anti colonialism (p186), music, dance (pp189, 323), love, romance (pp189, 249, 234), caste (p269), health and disease (p288), headache cures (p288), Mahabharut (p293), Char Minar (p306)