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Title Correspondence, Journals and Papers relating to Indian Missions
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1812-1815
Document Type Manuscript, Missionary Papers, Correspondence
Library University of Birmingham Library
Reference C I E /1-104
Region South Asia, Europe
Names Josiah Pratt, Thomas Thomason, Ewald Rhenius, Johan Christian Schnarre, Carl Gottlieb, Sir Alexander Johnston, Abdul Masih, Daniel Corrie, Henry Hoare, Secretary Cammerer, Lord Gambier, Henry Davies, G. Udny, William Bowley, Thomas Roberson, T.J. Twisleton, Reverend Ringeltaube, Bishop of London, Earl of Moira, Reverend Dr. john, Maharajah of Tanjore
Places India, Calcutta, Madras, Agra, Bombay, Bengal, Benares, Meerut, Kareakal, Travancore, Nagore, Tranquebar, Vepery, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Ceylon, London, Harwich, England, Heddenham, Atlantic Ocean
Topics letters, journal, missionary papers, detailed calendar of contents, Church Missionary Society, CMS, missionary work, evangelism, Dutch Missions Society (item 1), education, Tamils (item 2), Society of Free Reading Schools (item 2), funding, recruitment, eclipse of sun (item 5), Bible Society (item 8), Missionary Register (items 8, 9), Abdul Masih's work in Agra (item 12), Agra Mission item (14), ordination of Indian ministers (item 14), Islam, Mohammedanism (item 15), journal of Abdul Masih (items 17, 19, 20B, 22, 24A, 29, 40, 45, 52, 59, 69, 88, 95, 97), travel, Calcutta Gazette (items 20a), Roman Catholic missions, Brahmins (items 21, 23), journal of Daniel Corrie (items 25, 27, 81), Hinduism, East India Company (items 32, 63, 68), Missionary Register (items 42, 101), translation (items 44, 72), Danish Mission (items 48, 61), French politics (items 48), education in England (items 56A), journal of voyage to India (items 58), salaries (items 65), Juggernaut festival (item 66), journals of William Bowley (items 67-70-76-80), role of Christianity in civil obedience and political stability (item 68), Syrian Christians (item 75), CMS Corresponding committee (item 83a), Mahratta conflict, Mahrattas (item 85), journal of Scharrre and Rhenius (item 97, 94B), Wesleyan Methodist Missionaries (item 99)
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