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Title Dramatic History of India -29 Playlets
Author(s) Steel, Flora Annie
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1917
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication Bombay
Publisher K. & J. Cooper
Library British Library
Reference T 39399
Region South Asia
Names Flora Anne Steel, Flora Annie Steel, Alexander the Great (pp30-35), Emperor Asoka (pp42-48), Mahomed Ghori (p78), Ralph Fitch, John Newbery, William Leedes (pp109-113), Great Mughal, Great Mogul, Akbar (pp42, 99, 104-113, 126, 169), Jehangir (pp114-125, 169), Shahjahan, Sajaham, Shah Jehan (pp126-132, 169), Aurungzebe, Aurangzeb (pp132, 137-143, 169), Vasco da Gama (pp145-149), Lord Robert Clive (pp150-161), Sir Eyre Coote (pp156-161), Major Kilpatrick (pp156-161)
Places India
Topics drama, Indian literature, contents, The Delhi Durbar (ppi, 183), The Promised Land (pp1-6), The Mahabharata (pp7-24), The Parricides (pp25-29), Buddhism (pp25, 42, 54, 59-60, 182-188), Jainism (p25), Mendicant (pp28-29), Hindu, Hinduism (pp54, 59, 78, 132-139, 182-188), Islam, Mohammedanism (pp59, 78-89, 108, 132-139, 182-188), A Great Conqueror (pp30-35), The Rivals (pp36-41), The Indian Constantine (pp42-47), A House not Made with Hands (pp48-53), The Golden Age (pp54-58), The Giftings of the King (pp59-64), The Idol-Breaker (pp65-70), The Resistance of the Rajputs (pp71-77), The Builders (pp78-83), The Strategy of Padmani (pp84-87), The Invasion of Timur (pp88-92), The Pledge (pp93-98), A Child's Memory (pp99-103), Mughal Empire, Mogul Empire, Akbar's Resolve (pp104-108), The First Foothold (pp109-113), Jahangir and Nurjahan (pp114-125), A Surgeon's Fee (pp126-132), Sivaji's Strategem (pp132-139), A Tyrant's Death-Bed (pp140-144), Calico (pp145-149), The Column of Dupleix (pp150-155), Clive (pp156-161), Princess Krishna Kumari (pp162-168), Empty Empire (pp169-175), A Breathing, uprising, 'Indian Mutiny' (pp176-182), The Empire (pp183-188)