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Title Egypt. Further Correspondence Part XI
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1957
Document Type Correspondence, Report
Library The National Archives
Reference FO 407/236
Region Middle East, Europe, North America
Names Ben-Gurion, David, Bevin, Ernest, Chamberlain, Neville, Douglas-Home, Sir Alec, 14th Earl of Home,Eden, Sir Anthony, 1st Earl of Avon , Farouk I of Egypt, Fuad I of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Georges-Picot, François, Hussein Kamel, Ibn Saud (Abdul Aziz Al Saud), Lloyd, (John) Selwyn, Lord Selwyn-Lloyd,Macmillan, Harold, 1st Earl of Stockton, Mollet, Guy, Muhammad Naguib, Mustafa el-Nahhas Pasha,Ormsby-Gore, William, 4th Baron Harlech, Rashid Ali al-Gaylani, Saad Zaghloul Pasha, Saud bin Abdul Aziz, Stack, Sir Lee
Places Alexandria, Amman, Ankara, Aswan Dam, Baghdad, Beirut, Bosphorus, Cairo, Cyrenaica, Damascus, Egypt, France, Gaza, Germany, Greece, Gulf of Aqaba, Holy Land, India, Iran, Iraq, Ismailia, Israel, Istanbul, Italy, Jerusalem, Jordan, Khartoum, Lebanon, London, Mediterranean Sea, Ottoman Empire, Pakistan, Palestine, Paris, Persian Gulf, Port Said, Red Sea, Romania, Russia, Sana'a, Saudi Arabia, Soviet Union, Sudan, Suez Canal, Syria, Tehran, Tripoli, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States,Washington, DC, Washington, DC
Topics air force, Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, Arabs, arms trade, army, assassination, banking, British Government, British nationals, business, Catholicism, Christianity, church, civil war, Committee of Union and Progress ('Young Turks'), communications, communism, concession, coup d'état, currency,customs, diplomatic representation, education, elections, evacuation, execution, exile, expulsions, firman (Ottoman imperial decree), foreign policy, international border, Islam, Judaism, judicial system, loans,League of Nations, Majlis (parliament of Iran), mandate, military, mining, nationalism, NATO, oil,parliament, pipeline, propaganda, railway, refugees, revolt, revolution, riots, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy,siege, Suez Canal Company, telegraph lines, trade, trade unions, treaty, Treaty of Lausanne (1923),United Nations, Wafd (Egyptian nationalist party), war, women, Zionism
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