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Title Empire Marketing Board Posters
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1926-1939
Document Type Illustration
Library The National Archives
Reference CO956
Region Australasia, South Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America
Names John Cabot, Henry Hudson, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, William Dampier, William Penn, George Anson, Chatham, Wolf, Sir Robert Clive, James Cook, William Pitt, Warren Hastings, Thomas Raffles, Durham, Charles Sturt, Brooke, Lawrence, General Gordon, Dr David Livingstone, Cecil Rhodes
Places Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Ceylon, Colombo, India, Malaysia, Borneo, East Africa, Sudan, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Nyasaland, South Africa, England, Liverpool, Gibralta, Malta, Cyprus, Aden, Jaffa, Canada
Topics Empire Marketing Board, trade, adverts, advertising posters, Canadian Ham and Bacon, and South African Oranges (image 1), Jaffa Oranges (image 2), Colombo (image 3), Tea (images 4, 11), Transport (images 5, 7), Tobacco Plantation Nayasaland and Northern Rhodesia (image 6), Personalities of Empire (images 8, 10), Canadian Lumber Men (image 9), Salmon (image 11), Speed Empire Trade (images 12, 38), Borneo Sago (image 13) The Market Garden of the Tropics, Mauritius (image 14), New Zealand Dairy Factory (images 15, 16), Australia Send to Us (image 17), Cocoa (image 18, 19), Jungles Today are Gold Mines Tomorrow (image 20), Banana Palms (image 21), River Mersey (image 22), Map of Australia (image 23), Mauritius Sugar and Rum (images 24, 39), Sudan Cotton Field (image 25), Highways of Empire (image 26), Suez Canal (images 27, 35), The Empire Christmas Pudding (image 28), Follow the Flag (image 29), Gibralta (image 30), Value of Imports and Exports (image 31, 32), Elephant Timber Stacking (image 33), Empire Supplies Our Every Need (image 34), Tea Picking in Ceylon (image 36), Empire Shop (image 37), Malayan Pineapples (image 40), Mutton, Lamb, Apples (image 41), Sorting Manganese Ore (image 42), Tobacco Plantation Southern Rhodesia (images 43), Smoke Empire Tobacco (image 44, 45), Tobacco Plantation Nayasaland (image 46), Cyprus Camels (image 47), Ship Yard (image 48), Fiji Copra Pineapples (image 49)
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