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Title Empire Art
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1599-1921
Document Type Illustration
Library British Library
Region South Asia, Australasia
Names Edward Penny (image 1), Thomas Daniell, William Daniell (image 2), George Lambert (images 2, 4), Scott Samuel (image 4), Roma Spiridione (image 5), Richard Duppa (image 6), Thomas Hosmer Shepherd (image 7), Queen Victoria (image 8), Edward Lear (image 9), John Johnson (image 10), Benjamin West (image 11)
Places India (images 1, 3, 4, 6, 9), Bombay (image 3), Madras (image 4), Benares (image 9), South Australia (image 8)
Topics paintings, colour Edward Penny, Lord Clive and Nawab of Begal, 1772-1773 (image 1), Thomas Daniell, William Daniell, Malay Proas & Canoes, from A Picturesque Voyage to India , by the way of China, 1810 (image 2), George Lambert, Bombay. The East India Company warehouse is in the centre, the castle is on the right with the Union Jack flying and a number of warehouses are on the left. The foreground is occupied by shipping with a large boat flying the company's colours. Oil in canvas, c1731 (image 3), George Lambert, Scott Samuel, Fort St. George, Madras, c1731 (image 4), Roma Spiridione, The East offering its riches to Britannia. Allegorical ceiling piece commissioned by the East India Company in 1777 for the Revenue Committee Room in East India House. Oil on canvas, 1778 (image 5), Richard Duppa, Tamara of India. Natural History, 1816 (image 6), Thomas Hosmer Shepherd, The General Court Room, East India House, Leadenhall Street, London. c.1820. Watercolour. (image 7), Queen Victoria, Penny Postage Stamp, South Australia 1855 (image 8), Edward Lear, View from the River Ganges of the burning ghats, Benares (U.P. Signed and monogram: E.L. Watercolour. 14th December 1873. (image 9), John Johnson, Waterfall near Haliyal with Johnson sketching in the foreground. Inscribed: 'Waterfall in Soonda of the Purwar River, about 4 miles S.W. of Hullyhall taken in the dryest season. Coln Johnson was at Hullyhull 1801 (image 10), Lotus, 1798-1805. Natural history (image 11), The Death of General Wolfe, Benjamin West , Photo © National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa Transfer from the Canadian War Memorials, 1921 (Gift of the 2nd Duke of Westminster, Eaton Hall, Cheshire, 1918) (image 12), Palampore, 1700-1720. Cotton embroidered in silk thread in chain stitch. Gujarat. Image © National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum (image 13), The Trenchard Bowl, 1599-1600 (hallmarked). 1522-1566. Porcelain, painted in underglaze blue, with silver-gilt mounts. London, England (alteration) China Image © National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum (image 14), Queen Victoria, Penny Postage Stamp, British East Africa, 1877-1903 (image 15)