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Title England and India: Being Impressions of Persons and Things, English and Indian, and Brief Notes of Visits to France, Switzerland, Italy, and Ceylon, by Lala Baijnath
Author(s) Baijnath, Lala
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1893
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication Bombay
Publisher Jehangir B. Karani & Co., Litd
Library British Library
Reference T406H
Region Europe, Middle East, South Asia
Names Lala Baijnath, William Gladstone (pp66, 70, 75), Queen Victoria (p74), Lord Ripon (p87), Lord Cross (p88), Lord Randolph Churchill (pp88-89)
Places England (pp21-207), London (pp22), Oxford (p143), France (pp4-20), Paris (pp7-20), Switzerland (pp208-212), Italy (pp212-218), Yemon, Aden (p2), Suez canal (pp3-4), Egypt (p218), India, Ceylon, Sri Lanka (pp220-228), Colombo (pp221-225)
Topics an Indian's impressions of liin Europe, Indian culture, Indian Spectator, travel writing, contents, liat sea, voyage to Europe (pp1-4), impressions of the French (pp4-5), observations of liin France (pp4-20), Louvre (p10), Arc de Triomphe (p12), French government (pp14-15), dress (pp21, 39), London streets (pp26-28), shopping and fashion (pp28-29), adverts, advertisements (pp30-31), alcohol (pp32-33, 100-101), Salvation Army, poverty (pp32-33), transport (pp34-35), retired military and civil service nostalgia for India (p39), housing (pp39-41), social intercourse (p41), English character (pp43-46), religion, Hindu, Hinduism (pp44-46, 48, 97-98, 109-117, 224), caste system compared to British class system (pp45-46), food, cookery, curry (p46), entertainment, music (pp48-49), drama (pp51-53), horse racing (p53), exhibitions (pp54, 199), British Government (pp56-73), colonial government, colonial rule of India (pp64-68, 70, 72), social and economic benefits to India of colonial rule (p64), economic and political benefits to Britain of colonial rule of India (p69), East India Company (p71), Secretary of State for India, India Office (pp72, 74, 83, 88), English Court (pp74-86), treatment of Indian royalty (p83), National India Association (p96), The Poor Law (p99), literature (pp102-117), Indian literature (pp109-117), Ramayana (pp111-113, 220), Mahabhrata (p112), newspapers (pp117-126), law (pp127-142), universities and education (pp143-164), Oxford University (pp143-146), cost of education (p161), Cambridge University (p146), religion, churches, Christianity (pp165-169), missionary work (pp167-168), introduction to Hinduism (pp169-184), Crystal Palace (p185), agriculture (pp190-191), British industry (pp193-196), Royal Jubilee Exhibition (p199)