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Title Forced Labour in British South Africa
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1903
Document Type Report
Place of Publication London
Publisher P. S. King & Son
Library Anti-Slavery International
Region Africa
Names H. R. Fox Bourne
Places South Africa
Topics slavery (pp15, 38, 55), race (pp7, 17, 19), forced labour, "aborigines protection society" (p5), "the capitalists' requirements" (p7), "the natives' rights" (p13), "polygamy and women's labour" (p21), "the compound systems" (p25), "the glen grey act precedent" (p33), "imported labour" (p39), "treatment of the natives" (pp7-8, 27), wages (pp9, 20), polygamy (pp9, 21, 23), taxes (pp9, 34-36), "the natives' land rights" (p14), Boers (pp14, 17), "uncivilised natives" (p17), "native women's work" (p23), diamond mines (p28), health and disease (p32), death (p32), "land hunger and cheap labour" (p50)
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