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Title Franco-British Exhibition
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1908
Document Type Pamphlet
Place of Publication Derby & London
Publisher Bemrose & Sons Limited
Library National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum
Reference A.35.33
Region Europe, South Asia, North America, Australasia, Africa
Places England, City of London, Shepherd's Bush, France (images 81-86, 95-98), India (image 62), Canada (images 63-64), Australia (images 64-72), New Zealand (image 74)
Topics exhibitions, Franco-British Exhibition, Studies in harmony, wallpapers (image 3), Honorary president, president, commissioner general, vice presidents (image 5), Executive committee (image 6), Finance Committee, Organising Committee, deputy commissioners general (image 7), honorary presidents of groups, commissioner general, director in chief (image 8), Executive committee of the French section, chairman of group committees of the French sections (image 9), General committee of the French sections, members (image 10), British general committee (image 11), British group committee (image 19), Fine art committee, engineering and shipping (image 20), electrical, mining, transportation (image 21), List of members of the Surface transportation committee, horticultural, agricultural, chemical industries (image 22), sub-committee for leather, various industries, social economy, Indian committee (image 23), Guarantors (image 24), contents (image 29), chemical industries (image 29), decretive arts loan collection (image 31), Grounds (image 33), liberal arts (image 34), collective exhibit of pictorial photography (image 35), Machinery hall (image 37), Gas section (image 38), Shipping and shipbuilding section (image 39), Iron and steel section (image 40), Mining, transportation (image 42), Textile section (image 43), sports, social economy (image 45), Alimentation and Agricultural section, various industries (image 46), British applied art (image 47), Women's section (image 48), catalogue (image 49), British education section (image 51), Manchester education committee, education in Scotland (image 52), Education in Ireland, Wales, female education (image 53), Technical instruction, fine arts, craft (image 54), elementary, secondary education, boys education, universities, colleges (image 55), education under county authorities (image 56), Science (image 57), Mineralogy, Geography (image 58), Oceanography, meteorology (image 59), India, education, fine arts, liberal arts (image 60), Indian forestry, mining, furnishing (image 61), various industries of India (image 62), Canadian agriculture (image 63), Products of forests, economic mineral, fauna, dairy products of Canada (image 64), New South Wales, fine arts, liberal arts (image 64), photography, books, maps, medicine, engineering, transportation, agriculture of New South Wales (image 65), Wines, mining in New South Wales (image 66), Queensland (image 67), Wool, cotton of Queensland (image 68), Fresh meats of Queensland (image 69), South Australia, photography, books, food products (image 70), Victoria, fine art, liberal art, forestry, alimentation (image 71), Western Australia, fine arts, liberal arts, transportation, food products, forestry (image 72), Tasmania, fine arts, agriculture, forestry, alimentation (image 73), New Zealand, food products, fine art, liberal arts, agriculture, forestry, wines, mining (image 74), Fiji, agriculture, products, forestry, hunting (image 75), Gambia, Gold Coast (image 76), Mauritius education, agriculture, arts (image 77), Southern Nigeria, agriculture (image 78), French exhibits, printing, typography, lithography (image 79), Paris (image 80), French newspapers, posters (image 81), Library club (image 82), publishers of directories (image 83), Scientific instruments (image 84), medicine, surgery (image 85), Health problems, France (image 86), Steam engines, machines (image 87), engineering (image 88), automobiles (image 89), forests, sporting equipment (image 90), skins, furs (image 91), meat, fish (image 92), makers of confectionary (image 93), vinegar makers (image 94), French liquors (image 95), French beers (image 96), French ciders, brandy (image 97), Metal work (image 98), Schools of art (image 100), china ad glass ware (image 101), makers of clothing (image 102), manufactures of silk (image 103, 104), industries making clothes (images 105, 106), Chemicals and pharmacy (image 108), paper makers (image 111), perfumery (image 113), gold and silver works (image 114), clock and watch makers (image 115), bronzes and metal workers (image 116), commerce (image 117), providers of sports accessories (image 118), adverts, advertisements (image 119), Canadian pacific (image 123)
Copyright National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum