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Title Greater Britain: A Record of Travel in English-Speaking Countries, Vol II
Author(s) Wentworth Dilke, Charles
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1866-1868
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher MacMillan & Co
Library Cambridge University Library
Reference 8540.c.18
Region Australasia, South Asia
Names Charles Wentworth Dilke
Places Australia (pp140-147), Sydney (pp1-11), Victoria (pp21-38), Tasmania (pp93-105), Adelaide (pp111-123), Ceylon, Sri Lanka (pp161-175), India (pp374-389), Madras (pp185-196), Calcutta (pp185-196), Benares (pp197-205), Simla (pp234-251), Umritsur (pp272-285), Lahore (pp286-290), Russia (pp299-312), Scinde (pp328-337), Bombay (pp349-356)
Topics travel writing, observations, index (pp411-428), chapters, "Rival Colonies" (pp12-20), "Squatter Aristocracy" (pp39-45), "Colonial Democracy" (pp46-58), "Protection" (pp59-70), "Labour" (pp71-82), "Woman" (pp83-87), "Victorian Ports" (pp88-92), "Confederation" (pp106-110), "Transportation" (pp124-139), "Colonies" (pp148-160), "Maritime Ceylon" (pp161-175), "Kandy" (pp176-184), "Caste" (pp206-220), "Mohamedan Cities" (pp221-233), "Colonization" (pp252-259), "The Gazette" (pp260-271), "Our Indian Army" (pp291-298), "Native States" (pp313-327), "Overland Routes" (pp338-348), "The Mohurrum" (pp357-364), "English Learning" (pp365-373), "Dependencies" (pp390-396), "France in the East" (pp397-404), "The English" (pp405-407), Illustrations (pp22, 96), Australia and Tasmania (p12), Overland Routes (p340)
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