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Title History of the Bermudas: by Captain Nathaniel Butler, Governor, providing details of the political and practical difficulties of the Islands' first settlements,1609-1622
Author(s) Captain Butler, Nathaniel
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1662
Document Type Manuscript, Diary
Library British Library
Reference MSS Sloane 750
Names Captain Nathaniel (Nathanyell) Butler (Governor of the Bermudas), Christopher Columbus (f8), Thomas Gates, Sir George Sommers (Somers) (ff9, 56), Christopher Carter, Robert Walters (f10v), Mr Moore (first governor), Captain Tucker (third governor), Sir Francis Wyat (Wiatt), Governor of Virginia (f144v), Thomas Harriott (f158), Miles Kendall
Places Caribbean, West Indies, Bermudas, Bermuda, Sommer Islands, St Georges, Bay of Mexico (f5), North America, Virginia, Sannage and Virgin Islands, Atlantic Ocean
Topics trade, government, register of commissions, role and rule of Governors of the Council of the Bermudas, history of the Bermudas (f5), location, geography (f5), harbours (f5), natural history (ff5v, 112), agriculture (f5v), fruits, birds (f6), insects (f7), rats (f45), plantation experiments, tobacco (ff7v, 17v, 42, 56, 77, 82, 106, 109, 114, 122), health and disease (f8), flux, climate (f8), Spanish empire (ff8v, 108), Portuguese empire (f8v), Virginia Company (f12), colonisation, colonial settlement, colony (ff12, 20), establishing early government, forts, fortifications, defence (ff16, 17, 20, 99v), colonial conflict, skirmish, battle (f18), Amber Greece (f13v), famine (ff19, 83), Company of Adventurers, trade with islanders for food (ff21v, 39v), law, judicial system (ff28, 44v, 56, 87, 127v), crime and punishment (f149v), treason (f88v), rape, buggery, child abuse (f149v), Church, Island politics, power struggles, petitions, Virginia Company accounting and elections (ff59v, 62v), slavery (ff42v, 49, 70, 127v), sugar (ff42v, 49, 117v), whaling (f46), land rights, land distribution, indigenous peoples, Native American fur traders (ff64v, 148), General Assembly of the Bermudas (f95v), form, composition and rights (f97), Acts of the General Assembly (ff101v-103), employment, servants and apprentice rights (f101v), charges of poor governance against Governor Nathaniel Butler (f130v), religion, observing Sabbath, Nathaniel Butler's defence (f133), free trade (f156v), requests for sound government and protection (f156), charges of mutiny against Thomas Harriott (f158)