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Title History of the Ojebway Indians: with especial reference to their conversion to Christianity
Author(s) Jones, Reverend Peter
Section Section IV: Religion & Empire
Date 1861
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher A. W. Bennett
Library British Library
Reference 4744.E.2
Region North America, Central America and the Caribbean
Names Reverend Peter Jones (Kahkewaquonaby), Reverend G Osborn
Places Canada, Brantford (pp5, 16), Ancaster (p5), New York (p14), New Credit settlement (p15), Toronto, St Catharine's (p15), Lake Huron (pp32, 39-56), Lake Superior (pp32, 39-56), Lake Ontario (p32), Lake Erie (pp32, 48-49), Lake Simcoe (p32), Manitaulin Island, Lake Michigan (pp44-47), St. Clair River, St. Clair Lake (p47), Niagara River, Niagara Falls (p49), Lake Ontario (pp49-50), St Lawrence River, Ottawa Rivers, Queenstown Heights, Mexico (p25)
Topics history, missionaries, missionary work, Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society religion, indigenous people, Native Americans, Ojebway nation, Chippeway, 'Life of the Author' (pp1-24), conversion to Christianity, baptism (p5), illustrations (pp25, 57, 73, 83, 85, 95, 97, 99, 131, 135, 145, 161, 209, 213, 217), Spanish settlers (p25), land rights, origin of Ojebway (pp31-38), indigenous traditions, story of creation (pp32-37), Indian localities (pp39-56), early settlers (pp52-54), character of the Ojebway (pp57-70), Ojebway women (pp60-63), education, education of children (pp63-67), family government (p67), cannibalism (pp69-70), mode of life (pp71-77), wigwam (pp71-73), travel (pp74-75), dress (pp75-77), courtship, marriage (pp78-82), divorce (p80), polygamy (pp81-82), religion (pp83-93), idols, fasting, dreams, (pp83-93), feasts, sacrifices (pp94-104), burial customs (pp98-101), councils, government, electing leaders (pp105-110), war and conflict (pp111-134), amusements (pp133-140), health, disease (pp27, 141-155), small-pox (pp27, 141, 168), measles (pp27, 141, 168), medicine men (pp143-144), witchcraft (pp145-152), indigenous names (pp156-164), relations with Europeans (pp165-172), fur trade, fur companies, traders (pp169-172), impact of European settlers (pp 28, 165-172), alcohol (pp28-30, 167-168, 173-177), Ojebway language (pp178-190), religious instruction, impact of Christianity (pp 92-93, 191-206), Ojebway opinions on Great Britain (pp207-222), Ojebway opinion of American settlers (pp218-219)