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Title Humane Policy in the Colonies & India Or, The Free, Just and Integral Unions of Coloured People with Our People
Author(s) Bannister, Saxe
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1870
Document Type Pamphlet
Place of Publication Brighton
Publisher W. J. Smith
Library Cambridge University Library
Reference 11m6/38
Region South Asia, North America, Africa, Australasia, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean
Names Saxe Bannister, Charles Buller, Edward North Buxton (pp3, 10), William Penn (pp5, 11), Robert Boyle (pp5, 11), Granville Sharp (pp5, 11, 17), Charles Dickens (p6), Earl of Shaftesbury (pp9-11), John Cabot (p13), Pocahontas (p13), Sir Herbert Edwardes (p21)
Places India (pp8-10, 20-22, 25), Canada (pp5, 13-16), Newfoundland (p13), Red River Settlement (pp13-16), South Africa (pp6, 17-18, 25, 27), Cape Colony (pp6, 18), West Africa (pp17-18), Madagascar (p18), Sierra Leone (p17), New Zealand (pp11, 17, 19, 29), Australia (pp17, 18, 27), Melbourne (p18), Oceania, South Sea Islands (pp17, 19, 25-26), Tahiti (p19), West Indies (p17), Jamaica (pp5, 8, 17), Spain (p24), Holland (p24)
Topics humane policy in the colonies, philanthropy (pp5-6), slavery (pp5, 8, 17), abolition (pp5, 8), Common Aborigines Committee (pp5, 9), Aborigines Protection Society (pp5, 11), Religious missions (p5), Society of Friends (p6), Protestant missions (p9), London Missionary Society (p12), abuses in the Colonies (p5), oppression, injustice (p5), colonial wars (p6), wars of conquest (p8), East India Company (p8), Colonial Office (p9), Aborigines Report of 1837 (p9), mutiny (p10), English policy in India (p11), Hudson Bay Company (p15), plantations (p17), Hottentots (p18), Basutos (p18), warfare, Caffre wars (p18), Cape-Dutch war (p18), South African war (p23), British India (p20), system of rule (p20), financial inquiry (p20), Hinduism (p21), Mohammedanism (p21), mutiny (p21), Indian aristocracy (p22), appendix (p29)
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