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Title India's Problem Krishna or Christ
Section Section IV: Religion & Empire
Date 1903
Document Type Printed Book
Publisher Fleming H. Revel Company
Library British Library
Reference W10/5221
Region South Asia
Names John P. Jones
Places India, Sri Lanka, Ceylon
Topics religion, Christianity, Hinduism, missionary work, Chapter 1 'The Land and the People' (pp13-53), 'The Physical Features of the Land' (pp13-15), 'The People' (pp15-18), 'Economic Conditions' (pp15-23), 'Social Life' (pp15-27), 'The Family'(pp24-26), 'Society' (pp26-27), 'The Educational System' (pp27-31), 'The Political Situation' (pp31-37), 'The Government of India'(pp31-45), 'The Mission of Great Britain in India'(pp45-53), Chapter 2 'The Religions of India' (pp54-79), 'Judaism' (pp55-56), 'Mohammedanism'(pp56-57), 'Parseeism' (pp57-58), 'Buddhism' (pp59-60), 'Jainism' (p60), 'Sikhism' (pp61-62), 'Hinduism' (pp62-72), 'Incarnation' (pp72-73), 'Vicarious Atonement' (pp73-74), 'Spirituality' (p74-75), 'Eschatology' (p75-76), 'Doctrine of Faith' (pp76-79), Chapter 3 'Hinduism and Christianity Contrasted' (pp80-113), 'In their Initial Conceptions' (pp80-87), 'Concerning Religion' (pp80-81), Conceptions of God' (pp81-84), 'Theories of the Universe' (pp84-85), 'Concerning Man' (pp85-87), 'Their Ultimate Aims' (pp87-91), 'Agency and Means of Each' (pp91-97), 'Their Processes' (pp97-101), 'Their Ideals' (pp101-103), 'Their Credentials' (pp103-106), 'Other Distinguishing Traits' (pp106-112), 'Their Attitude towards the Individual and Society' (pp106-108), 'Their Attitude towards Progress' (p108), 'Christianity Exclusive' (pp108-109), 'Hinduism an Ethnic Faith while Christianity is a Missionary Religion' (p109), 'Christianity a System of Truths to be Believed' (p110), 'Difference in Moral Standards' (pp110-112), 'Conclusion' (pp112-113), Chapter 4 'The Products of the Two Faiths' (pp114-142), 'The Hindu' (115-128), 'His Prepossessions' (p116-117), 'His Ideals' (pp118-123), 'His Social Status' (pp123-125), 'His Moral Character' (pp125-128), 'The Native Christian' (pp129-142), 'Socially' (pp131-133), 'Morally' (p133-136), 'Religiously' (pp136-137), 'Spiritually' (pp138-142), Chapter 5 'The Women of India' (pp143-162), 'Her Ancient Honour and Present Power' (pp144-152), 'Her Present Disabilities' (pp152-159), 'The Dawn of a New Day' (pp159-162), Chapter 6 'The History of Christian Effort in India' (pp163-192) 'The Syrian Church of Malabar' (p164-165), Catholicism, 'The Efforts of the Romish Church' (pp166-168), 'Protestant Missionary Effort' (pp168-188), 'Continental Effort' (pp168-172), 'British Effort' (pp172-177), 'Australian Effort' (p177), 'Recent European Missions' (pp178-179), 'American Effort' (pp179-188), 'The Difference between Past and Present Effort' (pp188-192), 'Ecclesiastical versus Ethical' (pp188-189), 'Mutual Sympathy and Appreciation' (p189), 'Knowledge of the People' (pp189-190), 'Educational Work' (pp190-192), Chapter 7 'The Missionary' (pp193-227), 'Physical Fitness' (pp194-197), 'His Methods of Life' (pp197-203), 'His Intellectual Ability and Training' (pp204-210), 'Spiritual Qualifications Patience Humility Love' (pp210-214), 'His Attitude towards the Non-Christian World' (pp214-219), 'His Relationship to the Missionary Society and the Home Churches' (pp219-222), 'His Relationship to His Mission' (pp222-223), 'His Relationship to the People Among Whom He Lives' (pp224-227), Chapter 8 'Missionary Organisation' (pp228-262, 'Home Organisation' (pp228-234), 'Organisation of Missions' (pp234-240), 'Organised Activities in Missions' (pp240-262), 'Evangelistic Department' (pp242-245), 'Pastoral Work' (pp245-248), 'The Education Department' (pp248-252), 'Schools for Non-Christians' (pp248-249), 'Schools for Christian Children' (pp249-250), 'Institutions for Training Mission Agents' (pp250-252), 'Literary Department' (pp252-255), 'Medical Work' (pp255-256), 'Work for women' (pp256-257), 'Work for the Young' (pp257-259), 'Organisations for the Special Activities of the Native Church' (pp259-262), 'Those which Promote Self-Government' (pp259-260), 'Those which Promote Self-Extension' (pp260-261), 'Those who Further Self-Support' (p261-262), Chapter 9 'Present Day Missionary Problems' (pp263-297), 'The Right of the Christian Church to send its Missionaries' (pp264-265), 'Missionary Aims and Motives' (pp265-269), 'The Caste Problem' (pp270-274), 'Self-Support of Missions' (pp274-277), 'Mission Educational Work' (pp277-282), 'The Industrial and Economic Problem' (pp282-286), 'Mission Administration' (pp286-288), 'Problems Concerning New Converts' (pp288-297), 'Shall Polygamous Converts be Received into the Christian Church?' (pp288-290), 'Immediate Baptism' (pp290-291), 'Secret Baptism' (pp291-292), 'Revival of Eastern Thought' (pp292-297), Chapter 10 'Missionary Results' (pp298-331), 'Present Missionary Appliances' (pp300-306), 'Property Owned' (pp300-304), 'Literature Prepared' (pp301-303), 'Institutions Established' (pp303-304), 'Native Agents Employed' (pp304-306), 'The Native Christian Community' (pp307-331), Chapter 11 'Missionary Results (continued)' (pp332-363), 'The Leaven of Christianity' (pp332-348), 'In the Laws of the Land' (pp337-340), 'A Transformed Hinduism' (pp341-346), 'The Attitude of People Contiguous to the Missions' (pp346-348), 'New Religious Movements' (p348), 'Brahmo Somaj' (pp349-350), 'Arya Somaj' (pp350-353), 'The Educated Classes' (pp353-354), 'Attitude towards Christ' (pp359), 'Conclusion' (pp359-363)