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Title Indian Life and Indian History: embracing the Traditions of the North American Indians Regarding Themselves, Particularly of that Most Important of all the Tribes, The Ojibways. By the celebrated Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh, Chief of the Ojibway Nation, known also by the English Name of George Copway
Author(s) An Indian Author
Section Section IV: Religion & Empire
Date 1858
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication Boston
Publisher Albert Colby and Company
Library British Library
Reference Mic.F.232: no.62080
Region North America
Names George Copway (Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh), Chief of the Ojibway Nation, Pontiac (pp31, 136), Big Martin, Ojibway Chief (p68), Governor Ramsey (p72), Wah-boo-geeg, Chief warrior (pp79, 87), John Taunchey (p131), Sir John Colborne (pp175, 184), Colonel McKie (p177), Sir Francis Head (pp185, 186), Reverend Murray (pp188-189), Sir Francis Broadhead (p188)
Places Great Lakes, Lake Huron (pp13, 15, 17, 21, 29, 73-76, 80, 84, 170, 183, 185), Lake Michigan (pp13, 170), Lake Superior (pp13, 17, 19, 22, 24, 29, 34, 61-2, 69, 76-77, 80, 190), Lake Ontario (pp15, 21, 73, 75), Lake Erie (pp15, 73, 75, 78, 136), Red (pp19, 29, 30, 66, 170), Lake Leach (pp19, 30, 66, 170), Lake Mill (p19), Lake Winnipeg (pp19, 171), Lake Sandy (pp29-30, 66, 170), Manettoo Islands (p16), Pantonogoshene, Falling-Sand Bay (p16), Thunder Bay (p16), French River (p17), Saganaw Bay (pp17, 76, 176), Sagueeng, Saugeen (pp17, 142), Mississippi River (pp19, 22, 61-69), St Lawrence River (p19), St Louis River (p19), Niagra Falls (p19), Porcupine Mountains (p21), Missawbay Heights (p22), Thunder Mountains (p22), Caraboo Heights (p22), Avee Bay (p29), Illinois (p31), Montreal (pp31, 85, 193), Menesotah, Minnesota (p61), Selkirk (p69), Wisconsin River (p69), Fort Snelling (p72), New York (p74), Nahtooway (p84), Adolphustown (pp95, 192), Wisconsin (pp170, 201), Gananoque, (pp171, 179), Kingston (pp171, 179, 187), Amherstburg (pp174-175), River St. Clair (p176), Walpole Island (p177), Belville (p179), Peterborough (pp180-181), Lake Balsam (p182), Drummond Island (p183), Bedford (p186), Fort William (p190) Missouri River (pp258-259)
Topics history of indigenous peoples, Native Americans, history of the Ojibway Nation, Chippewas, Chippeway (pp17, 22, 31, 65, 70, 173-18, 262), Iroquois (pp17, 31, 73-96), Messamgans (p29), Sioux (pp29-31, 61-72, 173, 198), Menomenies, Nenomenees (pp31, 86), Ottawas, Ottaways (pp31, 74, 94, 142), Shawnees (pp31, 94, 136, 262), Hurons (pp73-84), the Five Nations (p73), Algonquin (pp74, 83, 95, 142), Oneida (pp78, 262), Mohawk (pp78, 91), Pottawatamies (pp86, 177, 183), Mississagas (pp178-180, 183), Dakotas (pp198, 200), 'traditions of the North American Indians', Indian country (p13), natural history, lakes (p14), the "Great Lake of the Ojibways" (p17), rivers (p19), mountains (p21), Origin, according to their own traditions (p28), distribution of land (p30), hunting (pp33-48), amusements, games and exercises (pp49-58), tribal conflict, wars (pp61-96, 248), battlegrounds (p63), Great Council Wigwams of different Nations (p76), Council of Peace (p83), barbarous acts (p92), arms (p93), legendary stories and traditional Ojibway tales (pp97-121), Ojibway language and writings (pp122-136), sacred records (pp128-131), religious belief, Medicine worship (pp147-169), introduction of Christianity and education of the indigenous people, missionary work, missionaries (pp171-173), Methodist missions (pp171, 185, 192), Presbyterian missions (p171), Episcopalian mission stations (pp172, 189), Baptist mission stations (p172), Roman Catholic missions (p172), request for missionaries (pp172-173), Wesleyan Methodists (pp175-6, 179, 181) baptism (p176), first tribe converted to Christianity (p178), celebration of Christmas and New Year (p195), traders, the early discovery of the Northwest, the first traders and adventurers (pp196-238), Champlain traders (pp13, 31, 73, 81, 248), Hudson Bay Company (pp172, 190, 192), New England Company (p181), politics, Ojibway government (pp137-146), duties of the Chief (pp137-140), Council of the Nation (p137), General Council, proceedings (pp142-146, 194), Houses of Congress, plan for Indian civilization presented in a Memorial (pp239-255), education (pp142, 243-246), establishing a Manual Labor School (p142), health and disease, diseases introduced by Europeans, small pox, measles (p247), the introduction of liquor (p249), 'project of civilizing the Northwestern Tribes' (pp256-266), ideas for a Native American government (pp256-258),