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Title Journal of Archibald Menzies, surgeon and botanist on board Discovery
Author(s) Menzies, Archibald
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1790-1794
Document Type Manuscript, Diary
Library British Library
Reference Add Mss 32641
Region North America, Australasia, South America
Names Archibald Menzies, George Vancouver, William Broughton, Sir Joseph Banks (ff2v, 4v, 58v), Lord Camelford, Thomas Pitt (f4), William Dampier (f32v), Captain James Cook, Otoo, Prince of Tahiti (f57), Whapai (f58v), Pomarre, John Webber (f58v), Omia, Omai (f60v), William Bligh (f66v), Mr Gray (f112), Juan Francisco de la Quadra (Don Luadra), Spanish Governor of Nootka Sound (f179v), Maquinna Chief of Nootka Sound and Mowachaht Indians (ff160, 186, 190v, 198, 299), Tooworero (ff3, 54, 88v)
Places North West Coast of America (f1), Sandwich Islands (ff2v, 86, 394), Madeira (f5v), Santa Cruz (f6v), Cape de Verde Islands (f9v), South Africa, Cape of Good Hope (f15), New Holland, Australia, Van Diemen's land, Tasmania (f40), New Zealand (f40v), Dusky Bay, Facile Harbour, Oparoo Island (f53), Oceania, Tahiti (f56), Huaheine, Society Islands, French Polynesia, Polynesian Islands, Owhyhee (ff84v, 244), Hawaii, New Albion (f105v), Cape Blanco (f109v), Cape Gregory, Point St George, Vancouver Island, Nootka Sound (ff179v, 294v, 356), British Columbia, Canada, Juan de Luca straights (f113), New Georgia (f136), Admiralty inlet (f137), Cape Roberts (f145), Port Sir Francis Drake (f209), Monterrey (ff213v, 368), California (f375), Restoration Bay (f308v), Island of Ambrose, Cape Horn , Peru (f393)
Topics journal, exploration, indigenous peoples, Discovery, Chatham, natural history (ff24, 42, 115v, 133), descriptions of fish (ff10v, 13, 35v), birds (ff14, 35), Spanish empire (ff125, 142, 183), discipline on ship (f14v), weather, navigation, health and disease (ff18, 60v), indigenous housing, deserted village on Island off Australia (f27), Kangaroo (f29), thoughts on Aborigines (f31v), impact of Captain Cook's contact on Maoris of Facile Bay (f49), Society Islanders (f53), attitude to property, mirror and metal (f54), language, Tahitians (f56), meetings with royal family and Chiefs of Tahiti, lines of succession (f58v), government and leaders (f80v), religion (ff61v, 69v), fireworks (f65), massage (f66), language (f67v), dance (f72v), Bounty mutiny (f64), burial customs (f71), attitude to property, crime and punishment (ff74, 77, 192), sexual relations (f80), bartering, trade (f82v), Sandwich Islanders (f86), tribal conflict, Sandwich Islander returning home (f88v), American settlers on Sandwich Islands (f94), attack on American ship (f98v), agriculture, jellyfish (f103), indigenous peoples, Native Americans (ff108v, 113v, 121, 127, 131v, 143v, 144,153v, 157, 159v, 161, 168), dress, language, lifestyle (f133v), trade (ff114v, 123v), Nootka tribe (f117v), not a novelty to see white traders, colonial conflict, skirmish, conflict with Native Americans (ff113, 129, 198), American exploration (f112), human bones, sacrifice, cannibalism, war (ff118, 141v), skulls on poles (f120), burial customs (ff141v, 162), pets, shy women (ff144v, 161v), Spanish exploration (ff142, 158, 179v, 191), indigenous housing (ff145, 149v, 164v, 305v), fleas (f150), exploring North west Coast of America, Wakashion nation (f164), fur traders from Bengal (f176v), two crew of supply ship killed by people of Sandwich Islands (ff180, 279), conflict in Tahiti (f184), shipping en route to Botany Bay (f184), diplomacy, discussions between Chief of Nootka Sound, Spanish and English parties (ff186, 189), weapons, display of different cultures' weaponry by natives of Nootka Sound (f189v), Native American weapons (f236v), Anglo-Spanish relations (ff179v, 190v, 216), Nootka Convention with Spanish (ff192v, 235), search for North West Passage, list of vessels from England, Spain, Portugal, America and France, on the coast of North America in 1792 (f194), murder of Spanish cabin boy (f192), missionary work, San Francisco Mission, converted natives employed in agriculture (ff217, 222v, 227v), Spanish soldiers in California (f237), Sandwich Island women taken on board (ff228, 236, 287v), their opinion on Native Americans (f288v), growth in cattle numbers on east coast of America (f238), cattle picked up for Australia and Sandwich Islands (ff234, 365v), transfer of plants and animals (f233), Hawaiians (f244), taboos, conflict, display of skulls (f248), cattle (ff251v, 394v), English resident on Hawaii (ff257v, 275v), thoughts on slavery as opposed to cheap paid labour (f261), religion (f264v), entertainment (f269), calendar (f270), island chiefs and trade, attitude to volcanoes (f401v), visit to Captain Cook's place of death and his killer (f267), crime and punishment (ff282v, 285), execution of Hawaiians for murder, food poisoning (f313v), trading of western good amongst North American tribes (f328v), indigenous Californians (f375v)