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Title Journal of Captain Cook's second voyage of exploration
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1772-1775
Document Type Manuscript, Diary
Library British Library
Reference Add Mss 27888
Notes Please note that ff20v-21 jumps from October 1772-January 1773, and ff31-32 covers the dates 19 May to 4 June 1772 which is also described in correct chronological order in ff68v-70v.
Region Africa, Australasia, South America
Names Captain James Cook, J. Reinhold Forster, George Forster, Tobias Furneux, Sir Joseph Banks (ff2v, 4v, 90), Dr. Daniel Solander, Earl of Sandwich (f4), Larcum Kendall (f8v, 13, 25), John Harrison, William Hodges (f53), Jans Abel Tasman (f63v), Tupaia (ff69v, 72, 90, 150), Ohiatoua, Tahitian chief (f91), Otoo, Tahitian chief (ff92v, 194), Louis Antoine de Bougainville (f92), Captain Samuel Wallis (ff102v, 226, 233), Ottago of Tonga
Places South Africa, Cape of Good Hope (f347), Europe, England, Plymouth (f11v), Madeira (f12), Funchal (f13), Port Praya, Cape de Verde Islands (f15v), New Zealand (ff47v, 49v, 140), Cape Kidnappers (f140), Dusky Bay (f58v), Murderer's Bay (f63v), Queen Charlotte Sound (ff63v, 69),New Holland, Australia (f47v), Antarctic Circle (ff19, 157v, 163v), Van Diemen's land, Tasmania (ff48, 68), Oceania, Ohtaheite, Tahiti (ff83v,193), Society Islands, French Polynesia, Friendly Islands (ff122v,233), Ulietea (ff100, 109v, 220), Tonga (f122v), Amsterdam Island (f119), Easter Island (f167), Polynesia Islands, Marquesas Islands (f188), Travabou (f212v), New Hebrides, Mallicollo, New Caledonia (f281), Latin America, Tierra del Fuego (311v), St Helena
Topics journal, exploration, indigenous peoples, Adventure, Resolution, weather (f23), natural history (ff17v, 21v, 36v, 61), transfer of plants and animals (ff56v, 89, 148), search for southern continent (ff1, 8, 154), navigation, longitude (ff3, 8v, 13, 20v, 25, 28v, 77, 270), plans for voyage, preparation, provisions (f9), rations (ff9, 85), debate with Joseph Banks over accommodation (f5), population of Madeira (f14), Portuguese empire (f17v), liat sea, man over board (f18v), eclipse of the moon (f20v), experiments on the freezing point of sea water (f24v), Southern Lights, Aurora Australis (f38v), icebergs (f42), Maoris (ff52, 55, 60, 67, 69, 71, 156), bartering, trade, gifts, sexual relations, prostitution (f73v), sexually transmitted disease (f73v), hunting (f54), depositing livestock (ff56v, 148), government (f71v), warrior women (f72), tribal conflict (ff71, 149), articles found from Endeavour voyage (f72), morals of Maori (f73v), impact of western culture on Native Americans (f73v), attitude to property, theft, crime and punishment (f90v), health and disease, diet, scurvy (ff78v, 177v), Tahitians (f84), trade (f89), conflict with Tahitians (ff90, 109), music and dance (f94), entertainment, fear of western revenge (f102v), Tahitian boy joins voyage (f105), human sacrifice (f110v), attitude to property, theft, crime and punishment (f111v), attitudes towards Tahitian women, polygamy (f115v), tattooing (f132), Tongans (f122v), self mutilation (f132v), comparisons between Tongans and Maoris (f133), peoples and statues of Easter Island (ff167v, 168v, 173), agriculture, tattooing (f175), dress, weapons, government (f177v), attitude towards property, language, vocabulary (f182v), military manoeuvres (f206), Travabou government and people (f213), colonial conflict, battle, skirmish, conflict with islanders (ff217v, 244v, 248, 344v), sexually transmitted disease (f233v), volcanic eruption (f252v), cannibalism (f252), people of New Hebrides, eclipse of the sun (f274), New Caledonians, appearance, dress, weapons, sea lions (f319v)