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Title Journal of William Dampier in the South Seas relating his adventures as a pirate in the South Seas, following his departure from Bartholomew Sharp and journey over land with the help of Central American Indians
Author(s) Dampier, William
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1681-1691
Document Type Manuscript, Diary
Library British Library
Reference MSS Sloane 3236
Region South America, Central America and the Caribbean, North America, South Asia, South East Asia
Names William Dampier, Bartholomew Sharp (f1), Lionel Wafer (ff8, 13v), Captain John Cook, Captain Davis, Captain Eaton, Captain Swan, Basil Ringrose (ff50-51, 173v), Dom Pedro de Panta, President of Panama (f78), Captain Townly, Captain John Reed, Sultan of Mindanao (ff191,194v)
Places South Seas, Latin America, Darian, Darien, Panama (ff2, 35v, 79v, 118), Bay of Panama (f46), Chile, Baldivea (ff51, 90, 96), Island of Mocha (f51), Juan Fernandez (f53), Peru, Lyma (f107), Lima, Callao City, Plata Island (ff1,44v, 54, 113), Gorgona (f115v), Garachina (ff2v, 85, 116v), River of Congo (ff4v, 117), Virginia (f30), Straights of Magellan (f30v), Galapagos Islands (ff36, 38), Cocas Island (f39), Cape of San Francisco (f62), Tomaco (f74), River St Iago, Quito (f112), Quicarra (f121), Arrica (f101), Arica, Hilo (f102), Mexico, Acapulco, Accapulcha (ff141v, 146), Guatulca, Guatulco (f134), Guatemala, Oceania, Guam (f184), Mandamo, Mindanao (f189), California (f178v), East Indies, Philippines, Manila (f202), Duke of Monmouth Islands (f213v), Graftons Island, India (f231v)
Topics journal, exploration, piracy, privateering, buccaneering, Spanish empire, Indigenous peoples, Native Americans (f14), trade (ff5v, 12v, 16v, 147v, 191), weapons, firearms (f58v), diplomacy, negotiations with indigenous population for protection against the Spanish (f6v), slavery, slaves (ff9, 72), march through rainforest, river crossing (f10v), natural history (f34v), penguins, turtles (f36v), monkeys (f11), luxury goods, gold, silver (f14v), exploitation of resources, gold mines (ff24, 56v, 177v), marriage customs, polygamy (f15v), crime and punishment (f15v), status of women (f16v), health and disease, medicine, medical treatment (f22v), pirate raids (ff56, 169), colonial conflict, battle, skirmishes with Americans and Spanish (ff43v, 50v, 60v, 159, 163, 172, 173v), Mocha (f52v), sea battle, hostage taking (f77v), ransoming towns (f169), navigation (f95v), description of towns along the coast of Chile, Peru, Colombia (Popayan), Ecuador, and Mexico (f119), proposed voyage to the East Indies (f174v), Guam, Pacific Island people (f182), natural history, Coconut trees (f184v), Breadfruit (f186v), gifts exchanged with Governor of Guam (f185v), Guam to Mindanao (f188), bartering, currency rates (f191), housing (f191v), religion, Islam, Mohammedanism, language, Arabic (f192v), fishing, bees wax (f194), East India Company (ff194, 231v), appearance, character, social customs of islanders (ff195, 214v), mutiny (f199)