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Title Journal of a Residence of Two Years and a Half in Great Britain
Author(s) Nowrojee, Jehangeer, Hirjeebhoy Merwanjee
Section Section II: Empire Writing & the Literature of Empire
Date 1841
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher W. H. Allen & Co
Library British Library
Reference 1430.d.14
Notes Naval Architects.
Region South Asia, Europe, Africa
Names Jehangeer Nowrojee, J. Nauroji, Hirjeebhoy Merwanjee, H. Mihrbanji, Sir Charles Forbes (ppiii, xiii, 30), Jamsetjee Bomanjee (pvi), Vasco de Gama (p17), Sir James Rivett Carnac (p36), William Cobbett (p71), Sir Hans Sloane (p93), Daniel O'Connell (p177), Robert Peel (p179), Lord John Russell (p181)
Places India, Bombay (pvi), Cochin (p4), England (p26), Chatham, London (p28), River Thames (p28), South Africa, Cape Town (pp15-19)
Topics Indian literature, memoir, travel writing, subject, contents (pxvii), Indian architects, East India Company (ppvi, vii, ix, xiii, 36, 344), ship building (pvi), warships (ppvii, 277), caste (ppxi, 76), Chatham dockyard (ppxii, 246), Hinduism (ppxiv, 76), religion (p74), religious tolerance (ppxiv, 76), liat sea (p1), London zoo (p31), East India House (pp35, 342), transport (pp39, 76), Madam Tussaud's (p64), transport, railways (p76). British Museum (p93), entertainment, theatre (p101), markets (p143), shopping (p143), hospitals (pp150, 153), Houses of Parliament (p164), constitutional reform (p167), bribery (p168), law (p186), police (p186), crime and punishment (p187), national gallery (p211), St Paul's Cathedral (p216), Windsor Castle (pp89, 324), English customs (p456), education (pp155, 160, 456), climate (pp18, 479), trade (pp6, 25), colonial power (pp24, 487), colonial rule, questioning of the reasons for British power (p24), size of River Thames compared to River Ganges (p24), trade, manufacturing in Britain (pp25, 132, 358, 487), traffic on Thames (p28), attention of Indians in London (p34), transport, omnibuses (p39), Jews (pp43, 167), London Bridges (p54), dress (p73), Elgin Marbles (p95), prostitution (p106), iron and coal (p132), Irish question debated in Parliament (p178), Tower of London (p226), Navy wages (p269), Woolwich Yard and Arsenal (p307), The Custom House (p312), marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (p319), Royal Institution (p362), newspapers (pp365, 369), Freedom of Press (p375), Naval arsenals (p385), Middle Class Society (p456), female education (pp456, 459), poetry (p466)