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Title King Leopold's Rule in Africa
Author(s) Morel, Edmund D.
Section Section IV: Religion & Empire
Date 1904
Document Type Pamphlet
Place of Publication London
Publisher William Heinemann
Library British Library
Reference 8027.e.30
Region Africa, Europe, North America, South America, South Asia
Names King Leopold, Roger Casement (ppxiv-xv, 45, 68, 113, 121, 200, 236, 248, 250, 253, 355-372, 390-393), Prince Bismarck (pp4, 6, 11), Sir Edward Malet (p4), General Henry Sandford (p10), Philip II (pp235, 255), Lord Salisbury (p260), Gustav Maria Rabinek (pp259-298, 394-402)
Places Congo, Tanzania, Tanganyika (pp262, 291), Malawi, Nyasaland (p262), Uganda (p205), Egypt, the Nile (p206), Cairo (p262), South Africa, Zimbabwe, Rhodesia (p210), France (pp11, 63, 92, 106), Portugal (p11), Great Britain (pp106, 295), England (p11), Holland (p19), United States of America, USA (pp45, 295), Netherlands (p255), Belgium (pp255, 299, 301, 310, 344, 348, 349), Latin America, Peru (p349), India (p349)
Topics maps, contents, Belgian Empire, slavery, forced labour, commerce, trade, rubber, ivory, indigenous peoples, violence, mutilation, criticism of King Leopold's rule, preface (ppix-xvii), the Aborigines Protection Society (ppix, x, xii, 15), the Congo Reform Association (pxv), contents, The Berlin Act (pp3-30, 82-85, 267, 299, 314, 325, 340, 341, 345), the pledges of King Leopold (p8), freedom of commerce (pp14, 83), Free Trade (p324), cannibalism (pp17, 19, 75, 104, 116, 120-121, 204, 250, 259, 303, 323, 440-441, 447, 449, 451), export duties (p18), The New African Slave Trade (pp31-126), missionaries, missionary work (pp31, 120, 180, 196), commodities (p47), trade figures (pp49-56), taxes, taxation (pp222-227, 235, 236, 242, 249, 254, 329, 335, 341, 384), taxation figures (p66), budgetary estimates (p67), land ownership, vacant lands (pp78-82, 85, 157, 318, 334), land tenure (pp91-94), attitudes towards the indigenous peoples (pp95, 96, 97), military, army (pp103-106, 108, 190, 303), weapons (pp106, 121-123, 162), The New Slave Trade in Being (pp127-258), poetry, verse, poem (pp149-150), rubber market (p163-165), Royal Geographical Society (p203), transport, railway (p207), indigenous women (pp210-211), depopulation (pp236-237, 242, 247), depopulation statistics (pp238-241), treatment of indigenous Chiefs (p243), collection of rubber (pp252-253), The Working of the System as it Affects International Commercial Interests (pp259-298), health and disease (p293), The Congo Debate in the Belgian House of Representatives (pp299-354), The Lessons of the Debate (pp339-352), The Attempt to Discredit Consul Casement's Report (pp355-372), Appendix (pp373-466)