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Title Letters from the Front
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1911
Document Type Journal, Missionary Papers
Library University of Birmingham Library
Region Africa, South Asia, North America, Middle East, East Asia
Names J. Denton, principal of Fourah Bay College
Places West Africa, Sierra Leone, Freetown, Yoruba (p5), Ibadan, Lagos, Niger district (p25), Northern Nigeria (p36), Zaria, East Africa, Nairobi, Southern Sudan (p209), Uganda, North Africa, Egypt, Cairo (p201), India, Punjab, Sindh (p97), Kashmir (p115), North West Frontier (p119), Balachistan (p125), West India, Bombay, Lucknow (p161), Central Provinces (p164), Bengal (p172), Bihar (p177), South India, Teluga country, Tinnevelly (p190), Travancore, Cochin, Palestine (p214), Israel, Gaza, Nablous, Turkish Arabia (p225), Iraq, Baghdad, Iran, Persia (p227), Ceylon, Sri Lanka, Colombo, Mauritius (p253), Canada (p256), Hudson's Bay, Moosonee, British Columbia (p269), China, Kwangsi, Hunan (p284), Fukien, Chekiang, Western China (p319), Japan, Central Japan, Kiu-shiu (p356), Hokkaido (p364)
Topics missionary papers, letters, Church Missionary Society, CMS, missionary work, missionary reports, evangelism, education, medicine, medical work, health and disease, Small pox (p5), cholera (p215), sleeping sickness (p89), plague (p153), dispensaries (p23), leprosy, Lepers (pp9, 116, 281, 297), Fourah Bay College, Annie Walsh School, CMS Bookshop (p9), marriage customs, polygamy (p18), slavery, slave trade (p27), opposition to Christianity in North Africa (pp29, 43), opposition to Islam in East Africa (p49), German East Africa (p60), birth, baptism of a Masai (p66), baptism of witchdoctor (p82), coffee, rubber, cocoa trade (p75), education of Uganda Chief's children (pp72, 77), British army support for Sikhism (p112), religion, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Mohammedanism, coronation celebrations (pp70, 172), caste system (p199), marriage of convenience (p216), Buddhism (pp241, 334), Shintoism, impact of white settlers on Native Americans, Eskimo, Inuit (p256), piracy (p277), Christians attacked by Chinese revolutionaries (p278), revolution in China, Japanese nationalism and fear of Christianity (p328)
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