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Title Medical Missions at Home and Abroad, Vol 2
Section Section IV: Religion & Empire
Date 1887-1889
Document Type Journal
Place of Publication London
Publisher T. Ogilvie Smith
Library British Library
Region Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australasia
Places Morocco, Tangier (pp14, 85, 115, 245, 295), Rabat, Saleh (p199), Congo, Equatorville (pp41, 230), Mildmay (p62), Madagascar (pp40, 115, 189), Lake Nyasa (p212), Asia, China (p43, 343), Canton (p25), Chefoo (p24), Chen-tu (p136), Chin-chew (p125), Fuh-ning-fu (p24), Hainan (p26), Hang-chung-fu (p10), Hang-chow (p23), Han-kow (pp71, 215), Moukden, Manchuria (pp11, 297), Peking (p182), Swatow (pp148, 341), Tai-yuen-fu (p71), Tien-tsin, Tianjin (pp58, 99, 115, 148, 149), Yeung-kong (p26), Taiwanfoo, Formosa (p141), India, North India (p315), Agra (pp7, 139, 211), Burmah (p8), Amritsar (pp9, 56), Benares, Varanasi (p243), Ferozepore, Firozpur (p168), Kashmir (pp70, 99, 183, 211, 260, 264, 279), Leh, Ladakh (p136), Lucknow (pp184, 269), Neyoor (pp30, 111, 121, 142, 221, 331), Nusseerabad (pp265,296), Punjab (p340), Pakistan, Peshawur (p13), Quetta (p92), East Indies, Madura (p152), Turkey, Constantinople, Istanbul (p197), Smyrna, Izmir (pp100, 198), Syria, Damascus (p325), Iraq, Baghdad (p136), Lebanon, Beyrout, Beirut (p167), Brumana (p324), Arabia, Shaik Otthman (p212), Persia, Iran, Hamadan (p268), Israel, Gaza (p324), Jaffa (p59, 324), Jerusalem (pp99, 196, 323), Kerak, Kir (pp179-211), Nazareth (p325), Ramallah (p324), Safed, Zefat (p284), Tiberias (pp55, 196), Libya, Tripoli (p10), Australia, Melbourne (p74), Hungary, Buda-Pesth, Budapest (p197), Turkey, Italy, Rome (p26, 104, 110), Florence (pp46, 236, 344), Holland (pp83-84), France, Paris, Belleville (p91), Great Britain, Birmingham (pp33, 219, 230, 248, 267, 296, 330), Bristol (pp182, 314), London, Bethnal Green (pp180, 313), Canning Town (pp4, 19, 37, 46, 73, 152, 163, 195, 229), Deptford (pp313, 323), Old Ford (pp211, 217), St Giles (p181), St Pancras (pp60, 195, 228), Walworth (pp4, 74, 151, 247), Manchester (pp181, 340)
Topics periodical, journal, religion, health and disease, medicine, missionary papers, missionary work, Medical Missionary Association, medical missions, education (pp28-30), conference on foreign missions (pp75-76, 92), disease, leprosy (pp21, 115, 339), Hindu (pp68, 267), Jewish Medical Missions (p67), illustrations (pp101, 118), student volunteers (p124), receipts and payments (pp133, 310-313), missionary register (pp134-135), Chinese custom, funerals (pp235-236), women volunteers (p313), opium (pp27, 314, 340), slave raids (p212)