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Title Modern Egypt, Volume 2
Author(s) The Earl of Cromer
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1908
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher MacMillan & Co., Limited
Library British Library
Reference W48/5500
Region Africa
Names The Earl of Cromer, Nubar Pasha (p342), Riaz Pasha (p343)
Places Egypt, Cairo, Alexandria, Sudan, Dongola, Khartoum, Darfour, Bahr El Ghazal, Sennar, Kassala, Berbera, Ethiopia, Harrar, Zeyla, Tajourrah
Topics Part Three, The Soudan, "The Fall of Khartoum October 5, 1884-January 26, 1885" (p3), "The Evacuation of the Soudan Januray 26, 1885 December 30, 1886" (p18), "The Debris of the Soudan" (p35), "The Defence of Egypt 1886-1892" (p60), "The Reconquest of Khartoum October 1895- September 1898" (p79), "The New Soudan" (p111), Part Four, the Egyptian Puzzle, "The Dwellers in Egypt" (p123), religion, Islam, Mohammedanism, "The Moslems" (p168), "The Christians" (p201), "The Europeanised Egyptians" (p228), "The Europeans" (p245), "The Machinery of Government" (p260), "The British Officials" (p280), "The International Administrators" (p301), "The Judicial System" (p316), "The Workers of the Machine" (p321), Part Five, British Policy in Egypt, "The Struggle for a Policy 1882-1883" (p349), "The Northbrook Mission September to November 1884" (p366), "The Wolff Convention August 1885-October 1887" (p372), "The Neutralisation of the Suez Canal" (p382), "The Anglo-French Agreement of 1904" (p388), Part Six, The Reforms, "The Courbash" (p397), "The Corvee" (p406), "Corruption" (p420), "European Privilege" (p426), "Finance" (p443), "Irrigation" (p456), "The Army" (p466), "The Interior" (p478), "Sub-Departments of the Interior" (p491), "Justice" (p514), "Education" (p524), "The Soudan" (p548), "Conclusion" (p555), "The Future of Egypt" (p563), death (pp3,7,14,71,333), famine (p10), health and disease, smallpox (pp41, 545), "the Egyptian army" (p60), cholera (pp91, 513), missionary (p123), religion (pp132, 137, 145 , 201), punishment (pp135, 398, 399, 492), race (pp172, 173), education (pp230, 297, 548), torture (pp397, 398, 404), slavery (pp495, 554, 556), medical treatment (p504), plague (p513)