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Title Narrative of the Indian Revolt: From its Outbreak to the Capture of Lucknow by Sir Colin Campbell: Illustrated with nearly two hundred engravings from authentic sketches
Author(s) Steel, Flora Annie
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1858
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher George Vickers
Library British Library
Reference 9055.e.31
Region South Asia
Names Sir Colin Campbell (pp188-194, 238, 245, 275, 347, 381), Sir Henry Havelock (pp122-134, 182, 185, 188, 218, 277, 332-337), Sir Henry Lawrence (pp9-11, 38-39, 98-105, 218, 302, 314), Sir H. Wheeler (pp105, 118), Sir James Outram (pp184-185, 287, 356), Nena Sahib (pp107, 117-119, 122-131, 246, 357), General Windham (pp245-260), Lord Canning (pp266, 413), Queen of Oude (p314)
Places India, Bengal (p1), Berhampore (pp5, 8), Barrackpore (pp5, 8-9), Delhi (pp16-33, 76, 146-181), Oude, Lucknow (pp9, 11, 98, 182-194, 218, 290-314, 381), Meerut (pp11-16), Ferezepore (p33), Peshawur (pp35-38), Nagpore (p53), Benares (p59), Allahabad (pp64-68), Calcutta (pp69, 341), Cawnpore (pp105, 122-131, 197, 245-260, 344-347), Dinapore (p134), Agra (pp143-147), Punjab (pp201, 260), Oude (pp39, 266, 347), Dacca (p244)
Topics colonial conflict, colonial rule, colonial government, 'Indian Mutiny', Indian Revolt, uprising, nationalism, contents (ppiii-iv), map of India (pvi), story of the Greased Cartridges (p2), religion, Hindus, Hinduism (pp2-5, 9, 11, 16-17, 96, 268, 337, 358), caste system (pp5, 9), Mohammedanism, Islam (pp5, 11, 16-17, 23, 96, 268, 315, 322, 324, 358), Christianity (pp5, 9), Sikhism, Sikhs (p68), Delhi census 1846 (p17), proclamation of King of Delhi (p20), reports of mutilation and murder of Europeans (pp20-21, 92, 119), advertising (p48i), arrest of the King of Lucknow (p69), King of Oude (p70), newspapers, Indian press (p70), East India Company (pp71-72, 268), siege of Delhi (pp76-97, 146-169), siege of Lucknow (pp98, 290, 381, 408), health and disease, cholera (pp131, 153), Hindu festival, Mohurrim Festival (pp153-154), relief of Lucknow (pp182, 194, 381), journals of the siege of Lucknow (pp290-314), an Indians view of the causes of the 'Indian Mutiny' (pp357-367), law, trial of the King of Delhi (pp368-380), official despatches (p428), assessment of colonial policy in India (p450)