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Title Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibition Vol 2
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1851
Document Type Printed Book, Catalogue
Place of Publication London
Publisher Spicer Brothers
Library National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum
Reference T8 vo 2923
Notes Manufactures, Fine Arts, Colonies.
Region Europe, North America, Central America and the Caribbean
Places City of London, England, United Kingdom (pp479-856), Channel Islands (pp939-943), Malta (pp943-946), Gibraltar, Ionian Islands (pp947-948), East Indies, South Asia, India (pp857-937), Sri Lanka, Ceylon (pp937-938), Indonesia (pp874-875), Africa, South Africa (pp949-952), West Africa (pp952-955), St Helena (p955), Gold Coast and Ashantee (p955), Mauritius (p956), Canada (pp957-969), New Brunswick (pp969-970), Nova Scotia (p970), Newfoundland (p971), West Indies, Jamaica, Bermudas, Barbados (p971), Trinidad (pp972-975), Antigua, St Vincent, Bahamas (pp975), St Kitts , Montserrat, Grenada (p976), South America, British Guiana (pp976-987), Falkland Islands (p987), Eastern Archipelago (p988), Australasia, Australia, New South Wales (pp988-990), South Australia (pp991-992), Tasmania, Van Diemen's Land (pp992-1000), New Zealand (pp1000-1002)
Topics exhibitions, The Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace, contents, trade, textiles, cotton (pp479-484, 882, 914), woollen and worsted (pp485-504, 914), silk and velvet (pp505-508), flax and hemp (pp509-516), leather (pp517-536, 916), paper, printing and bookbinding (pp537-552, 917), fabrics (pp553-558), tapestry, carpets, lace, embroidery (pp559-574), dress, clothing (pp575-590, 917-918), cutlery (pp591-594), hardware, locks and grates (pp595-670), colour illustrations (pp638-639), Coalbrookdale Company, illustrations (pp658-659), precious metals, jewellery (pp671-696, 919-920), military, infantry statuette (p684), glass (pp697-708), china, porcelain and earthenware (pp709-728), furniture, upholstery, paper hangings, papier mache (pp729-762), manufactures in mineral substances for building and decoration (pp763-776), manufactures from animal and vegetable substances (pp777-788), imports, figures of imported animal products from colonies and rest of the world, including East Indies, Africa, East Indies, India (pp802-814), miscellaneous manufactures and small wares (pp789-818), fine arts, sculpture, models and plastic art (pp819-846, 926), miscellaneous objects (pp847-856), raw materials, British Colonies and Dependencies (pp855-1002), description of sculptures describing Mexicans, Native Americans, scalping, tiger hunting (p834), religion, Hindus, Hinduism (p857), East India Company (pp857, 908), East Indies Committee members (p859), exploitation of resources, raw materials in India (pp860-869), Indian Iron and Steel Company (p860), chemical and pharmaceutical processes and products (pp869-870), agricultural products (pp871-876), narcotics, stimulating and intoxicating drugs, hemp, opium, tobacco (p873), spices (p874), sugar (pp875-876), textiles, cotton (pp882, 914), wool, silk (p914), leather (p916), animal skins (p892), health disease, medicine, natural history, roots, plants (pp893-904), engineering, machinery (pp907-909), transport (p907), military, naval architecture, military engineering, weapons (pp909-912), musical instruments (p913), dress, clothing (pp917-918), jewellery, precious metals (pp919-920), glass, furniture, ceramics (p921), description of fishing in Bombay harbour (pp924-926), fine art, sculpture (p926), observations on the arts and manufacturers of India (pp929-937), South African mines and mining (p949), South African woods (p951), African dress (pp953-954), Canadian raw material (pp957-960), gold (p960), West Indian raw materials (pp971-976), Australian wine (p990), population, production, exports and imports, shipping, revenue and expenditure of New Zealand (p1000)
Copyright The National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum