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Title Saguna: A Story of Native Christian Life
Author(s) Satthianadhan, S
Section Section II: Empire Writing & the Literature of Empire
Date 1895
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication Madras
Publisher Srinivasa, Varadachari & Co
Library British Library
Reference 4411.f.9
Notes With preface by Mrs R. S. Benson. Second edition. First published 1892.
Region South Asia
Names Krupabai Satthianadhan, Kipabai Sathiandhan, R. S. Benson, H. G. Grigg
Places India, Deccan (pp5, 8), Shivagunga (pp14, 27, 31, 62), Madras
Topics Indian literature, autobiography, status of women, religion, Christianity, natural history, education, Christian College Magazine (pxi), dress (pviii), nationality (pviii), English language (ppix, xi-xii). female education (ppix, 1-5, 91, 166, 172-184, 190, 196, 198, 212-216), Hinduism (ppix, 1, 9, 34, 50-52, 58), childhood in India (pp1, 82), suttee, sati (pp9-10), marriage (pp16-17, 38, 88-89, 104, 116, 206-207), dress (pp20, 28, 97-98, 101), married liin a Hindu household (p38), mother-in-law (pp31-46), perceived superiority of Hinduism (pp50-52, 67, 120), conversion to Christianity (pp56-58), patriotism (p58), nationalism (p58), Christianity seen as unpatriotic religion for Hindus (p58), Brahminism (pp58, 62, 120), love (p71), imitation of English customs and dress (pp97, 101-102), missionary work (pp130-138), alcohol (p133), health and disease (p142), death (p148), class and caste (pp152-153, 188), education in England (pp196-197, 204, 206-209), study medicine (pp213-216), Krupabai Satthianadhan memorial (pp233-247), Zenana Mission School (pp168, 234), Madras Medical College (pp213, 234)