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Title Sultan to Sultan. Adventures among the Masai and other tribes of East Africa
Author(s) Sheldon, Mary French
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1892
Document Type Printed Book, Diary
Place of Publication London
Library Bodleian Library
Reference R.H.753.12r.6
Notes Please note that certain photographs/illustrations contained in this item proved to be problematic in the digitisation process. We had to choose between the clarity of the text and the quality of the picture. Given that the item was selected for its textual content we have accepted that some of the pictures do not reproduce well
Region Africa, Europe
Names Sultan of Zanzibar (p87), George Mackenzie, Sultan Mireali (p356), Sultan Fumba (p377), Sultan Mandara (p391)
Places East Africa, Naples (pp17, 416), Italy, North Africa, Port Said (p23), Egypt, Suez Canal (p23), Aden (p34), Mombasa (p63), Zanzibar (p83), Mount Kilimanjaro (pp189, 208), Lake Chala (p260), Lamu (p55)
Topics travel writing, photographs, contents (p1), adventure, expedition, trade, bartering (p191), exchange of gifts (p235), ivory trade (p206), Masai (p319), fear of Masai, Masai customs, culture, polygamy, recruiting porters (p90), flogging porters (p135), visits to harem (p92), German empire in East Africa (pp60, 365, 393, 416), health and disease (p97), medicine (pp238, 431), tribal culture, tribal treatment of twins, cripples and the infirm (p127), marriage customs (p239), polygamy (p195), death, burial customs, funeral rites (p222), religion, dress, dance, dancing (p222), ornamentation, jewellery (pp245, 288), status of women, gender roles (p292), agriculture (p185), irrigation (p307), natural history (p145), locusts, ants, big Game (pp183, 204, 407), tribal wars, hints for making camp and defence in hostile territory (p169), Kimongelia tribe, Wanyki tribe, Wa teita tribe (p187), Wa taveta tribe (p217), Rombos (p275), blacksmiths (p284), British East African Company (p80), tattooing (p238)
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