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Title Tallis's History and Description of the Crystal Palace and the Exhibition of the World's Industry in 1851, Illustrated by Beautiful Steel Engravings - Volume 1
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1852
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher John Tallis & Company
Library British Library
Reference 7995.e.11
Region Europe
Names Queen Victoria, Duke of Wellington, T. Milnes, Prince Albert, The Princess Royal, Prince Alfred, Prince Arthur, Joseph Paxton, Fox and Henderson, Rajah of Travancore (p31), Nawab Nizam (p32), Chaucer (p44), John Lemoinne (pp146-150, 157-162), M. Blanqui (pp234-241)
Places England, City of London
Topics The Great Exhibition, Exhibition, art, sculpture, sciences, production, fine arts, machinery, agriculture, arts of all nations, origin of the exhibition (pp5-7), exhibitions in France (pp5-6), proposed site, selecting a site (pp6-7), funding, financing, ways and means, financial operations, forming of the Executive Committee (pp7-10), the Building Committee (pp8-10), Mr Paxton, Joseph Paxton's plans (pp9-12, 19), Fox and Henderson contract, construction of the building (pp10-12, 19-20), foreign contributions (pp13-17), Prince Albert's speech (p13), the building, building schedule, building solidarity (pp14-15, 55-57), improving London, adjustments to the city, cleaning and tidying London (pp17-19), the opening of the exhibition (pp21-24) The Royal Procession (pp24-26), preparatory arrangements (pp26-28), four grand compartments of the exhibition (pp28-31), India, colonial departments (pp31-38), sculpture (pp38-43, 120-127), Chaucer's dream (p44), the transept (pp44-45), the western nave (pp45-48), foreign and colonial departments, Ceylon, Canada, Australia, Van Dieman's Land, Tasmania, The Cape (pp48-55), Visitors, visiting the exhibition (pp55, 57, 59-61, 99-105), the organ (pp56-57), bees, beehives (pp58-59), French department (pp61-64), Belgium department (pp64-67), The United States department, the United States exhibits (pp67-70), wood carving, Austrian carving, Swiss carving, Elizabethan age (pp70-76), glass (pp76-83), precious stones (pp84-92), mosaic work (pp92-95), painted glass, stained glass (pp95-99, 189-194), The Zollverein, arms, cutlery, crockery, stuffed animals (pp105-114), bizarre exhibits, ingenious absurdities, articles in mutton fat, self-adjusting railway, the earth a living creature, The Great Iron Man (pp115-120) Russian exhibits, Russian department (pp127-133), science, industry aided by science, celestial objects, photography, artificial light, meteorological science, science for the purpose of humanity (pp133-138, 162-175), silver, ornamental silver (pp139-145), Letters of M. John. Lemoinne (pp146-150, 157-162), pottery, the potter's art, porcelain (pp150-157), contributions from the highlands (pp175-183), Turkey department, Turkey exhibits (pp183-189), Edinburgh review (pp194-202), the fine arts court (pp202-207), the exhibition, comprehensive nature of the exhibition (pp207-214), the fan, fans (pp214-220), bookbinding, stationary (pp220-227), the Medieval Court (pp227-233), letters from M. Blanqui (pp234-241), council medals, prize medals (pp241-248), technical terms (pp248-253), varieties, royal visits, destiny of Crystal Palace, future of Crystal Palace (pp253-261), Perfumery, perfume, fragrance (pp261-268) Queen Victoria, The Crystal Fountain, The opening of the Great Exhibition, Great Exhibition - main avenue, the transept of the Great Exhibition, sculpture, sculpture of The Duke of Wellington, sculpture of H.R.H. Albert Prince of Wales, sculpture of H.R.H. The Princess Royal, sculpture of H.R.H. Prince Arthur, sculpture of H.R.H Prince Alfred, sculpture of Eve and the serpent, vases, porcelain and china from France, exhibits from the Saxon department, stained glass, cabinet, mirror in bronze frame, wood work, wood carving, furniture, the nave of The Great Exhibition, sculpture of Oliver Twist, sculpture of Venus and Cupid, Fans, Fountains, French exhibits, Austrian exhibits, vases, chandeliers, monumental cross. Spandril from cathedral