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Title The Living Races of Mankind: a Popular Illustrated Account of the Customs, Habits, Pursuits, Feasts & Ceremonies of the Races of Mankind Throughout the World, by Eminent Specialists including Sir Harry Johnston, R. Lydekker, Dr A. H. Keane, H. N. Hutchinson, A. H. Savage Landor, Dr R. W. Shufeldt, Professor Longford.
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1901
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher Hutchinson & Co
Library Cambridge University Library
Reference 11e/P5626
Region Australasia, South East Asia, South Asia, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean, South America
Places Oceania, Polynesia (pp1-30), Micronesia (p31-32), Melanesia & New Guinea (pp33-64), Fiji Islands (pp37-39), New Caledonia (pp40-41), New Hebrides (p42), Solomon Islands (p42), Bismarck Archipelago (p48), Admiralty Islands (p51), New Guinea (p54), New Zealand (pp65-71), Chatham Islands (pp65-72), Tasmania (pp72-79), Australia (pp80-105), Malay Peninsula, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Celebes (pp106-128), Philippine Islands (pp129-133), Asia, Japan (pp134-153), Korea (pp154-160), Burma (pp163-172), The Shans (pp173-179), Siam (pp180-182), Cambodia (pp183-185), Tonkin, Anam, Cochin-China (pp187-192), China (pp193-206), Mongolia (pp207-211), Tibet (pp212-224), Middle East, Iran, Persia (pp226-239), Afghanistan, Baluchistan (pp240-246), Turkestan (pp247-256), India (pp257-320), Kashmir, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhotan, Assam (p266-270), Bengal (pp271-275), Punjab, Rajputana, United Provinces (pp276-281), Gujarat (pp282-288), Arabia (pp324-331), Syria (pp332-339), Palestine (pp340-343), Asia Minor, Mesopotamia (pp344-347), Armenia (pp348-352), Africa (pp353-512), Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Rumania (pp513-544), Central and South West Europe (pp545-582), Austria-Hungary (pp548-552), Germany (pp553-563), Holland, Belgium (pp564-568), France (pp569-572), Italy (pp573-576), Spain, Portugal (pp577-582), England, Wales (pp588-592), Scotland (pp593-598), Ireland (p599-603), Caucasia (pp604-609), Russia, Poland, Lithuania (pp610-621), Finland, Lapland (pp622-633), Scandinavia (pp634-641), Siberia (pp642-665), Artic America and Greenland (pp666-672), North America (pp673-736), Latin America, Mexico (pp740-746), Western South America, The Andes Provinces (pp747-749), Amazonia, The Orinoco, Guiana (pp750-757), Eastern Brazil, Central South America (pp758-761), The Pampas, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego (pp762-768)
Topics male writers, 'The Three Types of Mankind' (pi), 'The Marathas, (pp289-292), 'The Cultured Dravidans' (pp293-307), 'The Uncultured Dravidans' (pp308-315), 'Singhalese, Veddas, Rodiyas, Andamanese Nicobarese' (pp316-320), 'Africa-The Races' (pp353-380), 'Dwellings' (pp454-461), 'Pursuits-Food'(pp462-467), 'Arts and Industries' (pp468-480), 'The Family' (p481), 'Status of Woman' (p481), 'Domestic Slavery' (p481), 'Totemism' (p487), 'Omens' (p487), 'Cannibalism' (p487), 'Religion' (p498), 'Fetishism' (p498), 'Witchcraft' (p498), 'Ordeals' (p498), 'Ancestor-Worship' (p498), 'Government' (p509), 'Warfare' (p509), 'Weapons' (p509), 'The Turks' (pp514-518), 'The Albanians' (pp519-522), 'The Greeks' (pp523-528), 'The Yugo-Slavs' (pp529-537), 'The Rumanians' (pp538-542), 'The Gypsies' (pp543-544), 'Characteristics of American Indians (pp673-684), 'The Arctic Slope' (pp685-687), 'The Atlantic Slope' (pp688-691), 'The Pacific Slope' (pp692-697), North American Indian Character' (p698-704), 'Dress, Dwellings, Ornaments, Food, and Pursuits' (pp705-714), 'Picture-Writing, Totems, and Clan-System' (pp715-717), 'Utensils, Implements, and Weapons' (pp718-720), 'Religion, Ceremonies, Marriage' (pp721-725), 'The Pueblo Indians' (pp726-736), Index (image 422-426), Illustrations (pp16, 38, 64, 112, 136, 160, 192, 225, 256, 289, 336, 352, 401, 419, 432, 504, 516, 572, 604, 634, 642, 710, 740)
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