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Title The African Times and Orient Review Vol. 1
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date Jul 1912- Jun 1913
Document Type Journal
Library British Library
Region Africa, South Asia, North America, South East Asia, South America, East Asia, Central America and the Caribbean, Middle East, Europe
Names Duse Mohamed (Editor), James Carmichael Smith, H. Hunt (p26), Abdul Baha (p41), Mary Kingsley (p56), Booker T. Washington (pp48, 255), Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (pp77, 81, 153), Emperor of Japan, Mutsuhito (p85), Lord Kinnaird, Harriet Tubman (Xmas 1912 p87), Sir Walter Egerton (pp281, 287), Dalai Lama (p300), Governor of British Guiana, Shewkat Pasha, Grand Vizier of Turkey (p373), Armando Normand (p374)
Places South Africa (pp2, 382), Ceylon (ppiv, 117, 156), Sri Lanka, Canada (pp1, 136), Transvaal (p2), North Africa, Egypt (pp3, 78, 370), Hawaii (p4), Morocco (pp6, 72, 109, 376), West Africa, Nigeria (pp8, 147, 157, 369, 398), Zaria (pp8, 78, 115, 149, 186, 233, 282, 307), Philippines (pp45, 159, 165, 348), Gold Coast (pp57, 128), Latin America, Peru (p61), Iraq, Baghdad (p62, xmas), Italy, Libya, Tripoli (p66), Asia, China (pp39, 78, 123, 149), Persia (pp78, 121), Iran, Japan (pp85, 123, xmas, 236, 243, 379), Palestine (p87), River Nile (p93), Freetown, Sierra Leone (pp97, 128, 215, 311), Cuba (p105), British Guiana (pp135, 281,397), United States of America, U.S.A. (pp61, 137, 174, 336, 371, 379), Turkey (pp149, 185, 191, 210, 326, 370), Istanbul, Constantinople, India (xmas, pp188, 265, 295,343, 369, 393), Balkans (p191), Northern Rhodesia (p234), Zimbabwe, Taiwan, Formosa (pp236, 243), Malay States (p248), Bahamas (p288), Liberia (p298), Tibet (p300), Natal (p362), Porto Rico (p371), Paraguay (p195)
Topics journalist, periodical, decolonization, end of empire, promotion of non-western culture in the British Empire, immigration, nationalism, national identity, citizenship, race relations, racism, equal rights, religion, Islam, Mohammedanism, Christianity, land rights, law, colonial judicial system, Balkan crisis (pp191, 197), colonial rule, colonial government, education, literature, adverts, trade, economic relations between East and West (p39), contents, Concordia title page, Lake Mohonk conference (ppiv, 161, 207), distilleries in Ceylon (piv), treatment of Hindus in Canada, Borden government (p1), Turkish rights in the Transvaal (p2), Egyptian nationalism (p3), race problems in Hawaii (p4), Islam in Morocco (p6), whipping of native clerks at Zaria, Nigeria (pp8, 37, 78, 106, 115, 196, 233, 270, 282, 307), whipping in northern Rhodesia (p234), International Conference on the Negro, Tuskegee Institute (pp10, 48), London Mosque (p20), Universal Race Congress, University of London (p27), hunting, Game laws (p31), stock and produce prices (pp35,36, 75, 111), exploitation of resources, luxury goods, diamonds, tea, oil, rubber, cocoa, coffee, beeswax, transport, Uganda railway (p118), Bahai movement (p41), West African marriage customs (pp55, 90, 125, 179, 245), Bandu society, polygamy, female circumcision, land tenure, ownership rights, Forest Bill 1911 (p57), lynching (p61), trade in Baghdad (p62), Universal Races Congress (p64), Zionism, resettlement of Jews in Palestine (p87), rubber trade (p101), World's Evangelical Alliance (p116), liquor trade in Ceylon (p117), Panislamism (p119), Japan's policy in China (p123), Hut Tax Rebellion (pp125, 215), Native lands and Crown colonies, land distribution and control (pp128, 143, 147, 369), Buddhist education (p131), Appeal Law of British Guiana (p135), Canadian immigration (p136), American Bar Association, cannibalism (pp139, 225), Ceylon Excise Bill (p156), Oriental, Occidental and African Society (p182), size, population and citizenship within the British Empire (xmas), Russian embassy in Japan (xmas), Negro Society for Historical Research (xmas), Hindu, Islamic and Christian society in India, caste system (xmas), St. Sophia Cathedral and Mosque (xmas), India and tariff reform, free trade, cotton, silk (p188), Leprosy in Paraguay (p195), International Moral Educational Congress (p208), mysticism and magic in Turkey (p210), civil liberties and social conditions in India (pp211, 265), African Home rule (p215), Human Leopard Society (p225), Japan's policy in Formosa (pp236, 243), German Empire in Africa (pp238, 247), West African currency (p283), Indian national identity (p295), Tibetan independence (p300), Ottoman Empire (p327), English as the international language (p331), economic change for ex-slaves (p336), Islam (pp342, 389), Indian Civil Service, politics and public liin India (p343), law, Indian judicial system (p369), murder of Grand Vizier of Turkey (p373), alien property rights in United States of America (p379), inter-racial marriage, mixed race marriage (p381), property rights and welfare of Native Americans (p383), Buddhism (p392), Indian press (p393), immigration in British Guiana (p397), judicial proceedings in Nigeria (p398)