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Title The British Empire Exhibition 1924 Official Guide: Designed to display the Natural Resources of the various countries within the Empire, and the activities, industrial and social, of their peoples
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1924
Document Type Pamphlet
Place of Publication London
Publisher Fleetway Press Ltd
Library National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum
Reference NK99.0189
Region Europe, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South Asia, East Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Middle East
Names King George V (p5), Queen Mary (p6), The Prince of Wales (pp7, 9, 54), Abel Tasman (pp37-38), Captain Cook (p38), William Dampier (p38), Shah Jehan (p52)
Places England, City of London, Wembley Park, Northern Ireland (pp25-26), Malta (pp63-64), Canada (pp42-46), Quebec (p44), Newfoundland (pp87-91, 106), West Indies (pp81-86), British Guiana (p85), Australasia, Australia (pp35-37), New Zealand (pp29-31), Asia, Hong Kong (pp77-81), India (pp52- 54), Ceylon, Sri Lanka (pp75-76), Singapore, Malaya (pp31-33), Sarawak (pp33-34), Bermuda (pp41-42), Burma(pp55-57), East Africa (pp57-62), Sudan, Zanzibar (p58), Nyasaland (p59), Tanganyika (p61), Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius (p62), West Africa, Nigeria, Gold Coast, Sierra Leone (pp67-71), South Africa (pp71-73), Rhodesia, Zimbabwe (pp73-75), Palestine (pp65-66), Cyprus (p66), Oceania, Fiji (p91)
Topics exhibitions, British Empire Exhibition, adverts (images 2-9, 15, 49, 58, 60, 62, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76), Eastern Associated Telegraph Company advert (images 2, 20), the Eastern Associated Telegraph Companies' cable system world map (images 5, 53), Nestle's advert (p2), contents (p3), list of illustrations (p3), foreword (pp9-10), map of the exhibition (images 14, 44), Wembley ways, transport, description of railway, tram and bus travel to the exhibition (pp11-13), transport, railway, road rail system, cars, electric buses (p12), necessary information (pp14- 18), The Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace (pp16, 35), the grand tour (p19), engineering, the palace of industry (pp20-25), textiles (pp21-22), the conference halls (pp26-27), the palace of arts (pp27-29), trade, population, area, industry and raw materials of the colonies (pp29-91), Maoris (p30), natural history (pp37, 103), kangaroo (p37), Empire Stadium, Wembley (pp39-41), pageant (p40), Canadian Railways (pp42, 46), missionary work (pp44, 68-69), Native Americans (p44), the palace of engineering (pp47-52), Taj Mahal (p52), Islam, Mohammedanism (p52), East India Company (p53), hunting (p53), entertainment, snake charming, juggling (p54), Department of Overseas Trade and the Overseas Development Department (p99)
Copyright National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum