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Title The Claims of Uncivilised Races: a Paper Submitted to the International Congress on Colonial Sociology, Paris
Author(s) Fox Bourne, H. R
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1900
Document Type Report
Place of Publication London
Publisher Aborigines Protection Society
Library Cambridge University Library
Region South Asia, North America, South America, Australasia, Africa
Places India (p4), (pp4, 7), Latin America, Australia (pp4, 7), New Zealand (p4)
Topics race, Aborigines Protection Society, chapters: 'British Opinion in 1877' (p3), 'The Position at Present' (p4), 'The Scramble for Africa' (p5), 'The Rights of Aboriginal Races' (p6), Responsibilities of Civilised Races (p6), 'The Conditions in Africa' (p6), 'The Ethical and Economic Law' (p7), 'From "Scramble" to "Effective Operation"'(p8), 'The Civilising Process' (p8), 'Abuses of Civilisation'(p9), 'Spurious Treaties' (p9), 'Wanton Warfare' (p10), 'The Duties of Civilised Races' (p10), House of Commons Select Committee (p3), British colonies, indigenous people (p3), treatment of indigenous people by settlers (p4), expansion (p4), slavery (pp3, 9, 11), abolition (p3), vice (p4), health and disease, disease (p4), Portuguese colonies (p5), International Conference, Berlin (p5), International Conference, Brussels (pp5, 9), indigenous rights (p6), colonial statesmanship (p6), European colonisation (pp6, 8), barbarism (pp7, 12), European aggression (p9), hunting (p10), war (p10), appropriation of land (p11), cannibalism (pp11, 12), human sacrifice (p11), witch doctor (p11)
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