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Title The Colonial Intelligencer, or, Aborigines Friend: comprising the Transactions of the Aborigines' Protection Society, Interesting Intelligence Concerning the Aborigines of Various Climes and Articles Upon Colonial Affairs, with Comments upon the Proceedings of Government and of Colonists toward Native Tribes.
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1847-1848
Document Type Report
Place of Publication London
Publisher J. Ollivier, C. Gilpin and Messrs. Ward
Library Cambridge University Library
Reference D8013
Region Australasia, Africa, Europe
Names John Duncan (pp138, 234), Lawrence Heyworth (p198)
Places New Zealand (pp45, 91, 98, 146, 165, 178, 230, 232, 253), Australia (pp42, 69, 110), New South Wales (pp69, 110), Friendly Islands, Samoan Islands (pp66, 224), Oceania, Society Islands (p225), Tahiti (p226), British North America (p34), Natal (p44), West Africa (pp63, 121, 138), South Africa (p55), Cape Colony (p75), Cape of Good Hope (pp93, 105, 114, 135, 158, 193, 213, 230), Madagascar (p162), England (p165)
Topics Aborigines' Protection Society, 'Correspondence relating to Earl Grey's Letters of Instructions' (p37), 'Aborigines of Australia' (p42), '10th Annual Meeting of the Aborigines Protection Society' (p50), 'Massacre of Aborigines in the Indian Archipelago' (p53), 'Society of Christian Morals-Reply to Address from Aborigines' Protection Society' (p54), 'Oceania' (p58), 'Danish Treaty with the Hawaiian Kingdom' (p58), 'Death of the Walla Walla Chief' (p58), 'Hudson's Bay Territory' (p59), "The Young Patriot", a Poem (p62), United States' Exploring Expedition (p68), 'Aborigines of New South Wales' (p69), 'The Cape Colony' (p75), 'Hottentots' (p80), 'Address from the Aborigines' Protection Society to Sir Harry Smith' (p121), 'The Chippeway Indians' (p125), 'The Kaffir War' (p130), 'The Ioway and Sac Indians' (p137), 'The New Zealand Charter' (p150), 'Deputation of the Aborigines' Protection Society to the Bishop of Cape Town' (p175), 'Appeal to the Public' (p176), 'New Zealand-Lawrence Heyworth, Esq., and the Aborigines' Protection Society' (p198), 'Observations on Colonization, by F. Tuckett, Esq.' (p205), 'A few Observations on the Kaffir War' (p218), 'Red-River Settlement' (p222), (pp229-244), 'The New Zealand Question' (p232), 'Western Africa- John Duncan, the African Traveller' (p234), 'Remarks on the Kaffir War' (p245), 'Kaffirland: Great Meeting of Kaffirs at King William's Town' (p249), 'First Discovery of New Zealand' (p255)
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