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Title The Colour Problem' in The Edinburgh Review
Author(s) Lord Lugard, F. D
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1921
Document Type Journal
Library Cambridge University Library
Region North America, Africa, Australasia, South Asia, South America
Names F. D. Lugard, W. E. B. Du Bois (p277)
Places Canada (pp273-4), South Africa (pp268, 274-275), Australia (pp268, 273-4), India (pp268-273, 280), Delhi (p271), Japan (pp268-270, 273, 281), Russia (p268), Asia (pp269, 271, 280), China (pp269-270), Fiji (p273), Malaya (p273), Borneo (p273), Germany (p273), Latin America, Gold Coast (p275), Liberia (p278), Mississippi (p279), Egypt (p281), France (p282)
Topics Great War (p267), Bolshevism (p267), infant mortality (p267), League of Nations (p267), prejudice (pp268, 282), Indian Industrial Commission (p270), Islam, Mohammedanism (p270), 'Yellow Peril' (p270), British rule in India (pp271-273), immigrant labour (p273), 'Indian emigration' (p273), 'Mongrel America' (p273), Asiatic immigration (p274), indigenous tribes, Hottentot (p274), Kaffir (p274), Pan-African Conference (p275), World Convention (p275), Ethiopian Church Movement (p276), slavery (p276), lynching (p276), militant movement (p277), segregation (p277), immigration laws (p280)
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