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Title The Crown of Hinduism
Author(s) Farquhar, J. N
Section Section IV: Religion & Empire
Date 1913
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication Oxford
Publisher Oxford University Press
Library British Library
Reference 4503.f.11
Region South Asia
Names J. N. Farquhar
Places India
Topics religion, Christianity, Hinduism, Introduction (pp11-65), 'The new era of world-wide communication and it's results on religion' (p11), 'The question of the relative value of religions' (p14), 'Little dealt with in the Science of Religion' (p14), 'The problem has become urgent for Christianity' (p15), 'Christianity and other religions from the Christian Standpoint' (p26), 'The relation of Christianity to Hinduism as viewed in this volume' (p33), Chapter 1 'The Indo-Aryan Faith' (pp66-77), 'The religion of the undivided Aryans' (p66), 'The religion of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Aryan stock' (p66), 'The religion of the Indo-Aryans as seen in the Rigveda' (p68), 'The religion of the Rigveda in relation to the Arya Samaj and to Christianity' (p75), Chapter 2 'The Hindu Family' (pp78-133), 'The patriarchal family' (p78), 'The patriarchal family of the Hindus' (p82), 'The modern movement for the reform of the Hindu family' (p104), 'The new principles required for the family are supplied by Christ' (p116), 'Christ's principles form the natural crown of the Hindu family' (p131), Chapter 3 'The Eternal Moral Order' (pp134-152), 'Rise of the doctrine of karma and rebirth' (p134), 'Influence of the doctrine on the beliefs and practices of Hinduism' (p128), 'Decay of the doctrine under Western influence' (p148), Chapter 4 'The Divine Social Order' (pp153-210), 'Early Society' (p153), 'Various forms of social advance' (p155), 'Rise of the Hindu social order' (p157), 'Outline of the caste system' (p163), 'Good results of the system' (p167), 'Modern anti-caste movements' (p168), 'The religious basis of caste has faded out of the minds of educated men' (p177), 'Parallel movements in other lands' (p187), 'Christ supplies the religious basis necessary for modern society' (p191), 'Hindu social ideals find completion in Christ' (p203), Chapter 5 'The Essentials of Hinduism' (pp211-218), 'Outline of the system' (p211), 'Leading characteristics of the system' (p214), 'The obligatory elements of the system' (p216), Chapter 6 'The Summit of Indian Thought' (pp219-246), 'Rise of the Vedanta philosophy' (p219), 'It's noble qualities' (p225), 'Significance of the doctrine that the Atman is actionless' (p228), 'Relation of the philosophy to the popular religion (p232), 'Rise of the other schools' (p235), 'Later history of the Vedanta' (p241), 'Sankaracharya' (p243), Chapter 7 'The Yellow Rose' (pp247-298), 'Austerities in the Rigvedic age' (p247), 'Early asceticism: the Hermits' (p249), 'World-renunciation: the Monks' (p253), 'Modern asceticism' (p264), 'Etheralization ascribed to ascetics' (p268), 'Miraculous powers ascribed to ascetics' (p270), 'Hindu ascetics are inactive, while the modern man demands active service' (p272), 'Christ stirs men to service' (p276), 'Christ's method of creating servants of humanity completes the Hindu ascetic discipline' (p281), Chapter 8 'The Work of Men's Hands' (pp297-350), 'Hindu gods in early literature' (p297), 'Genesis of image-worship' (p300), 'Sketch of the history of Hindu images' (p303), 'Hindu images parallel to those of other lands' (p305), 'The cult of Hindu temples' (p312), 'Hindu beliefs about the images of gods' (p317), 'The history behind Hindu idolatry' (p327), 'Hindu idolatry criticized by Hindus' (p332), 'Hindu idolatry defended by Hindus' (p334), 'The religious needs which inspire Hindu idolatry' (p339), 'Christ, the image of God satisfies these aspirations and needs in spiritual ways' (p343), Chapter 9 'The Great Sects' (pp351-407), 'Early history of the Vishnuite and Sivaite sects and Buddhism' (p351), 'The theology of the Vedanta introduced into the sects and into Buddhism' (p364), 'Later history of the sects' (p377), 'Influence of the doctrine of the theology of the Vedanta into the sects' (p390), 'Master-forces in the development of the theology of the sects' (p392), Chapter 10 'God With Us' (pp408-444), 'The Christian conception of God' (p408), 'The Christian doctrine of man' (p419), 'The mythical incarnations of Hinduism and the historical Christ' (p421), 'Christ fulfils the Indian ideal of the incarnate one' (p429), Chapter 11 'The Religious Organism' (pp445-458), 'The difference between a religion and a philosophic theory' (p445), 'The Hindu religious organism and its superstitious practices' (p446), 'The Hindu system in relation to the philosophies' (p452), 'Neo-Hindus and the system' (p454), 'Christ the Crown of Hinduism' (p457), Index (pp459-469)