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Title The Destruction of the Indias
Author(s) de Lascasas, Bartolome
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1552
Document Type Manuscript, Diary
Library British Library
Reference MSS Sloane 375
Notes Spanish language.
Region Central America and the Caribbean
Names Bartolome de Lascasas, Charles V (f2v), Philip II (f3), King Guarione (f14), King Guacanagari (f15v), King Behico (f17), Friar Francicode San Roman (f25), Juan Garcia (slave trader) (f59v), King Elinque (f92), Juon de Ampudia (f112v), Francisco Garcia (f113v), Martin de Agirre (f114v)
Places West Indies, Cuba (ff8v, 21, 50v), Isle of Espanola (ff6, 10v, 50, 80v), Jamaica (ff8, 20v, 80v), Trinidad (f66v), Isle de los Cucayos (f8v), Latin America, Central America, Nicaragua (ff24v, 29), Panama (ff28v, 32v), Colombia, Popayan (ff99v, 114), Nueua Espana (ff33, 34, 35, 50), Mexico (ff37, 40, 42, 44, 55), Tepaca (f37v), Mexico City (ff34, 50), South America, Peru (ff32v, 56, 57v, 78v, 85v, 92v, 99v), Venezuela (ff66v, 75), Kingdom of Guatemala (ff42v, 43, 44, 48, 98v), Kingdom of Honduras (f42v), Isle of Quito (ff89v, 107, 113)
Topics Spanish empire, indigenous peoples, Native Americans, Central and South American Indians, Indigenous peoples and customs (ff4v, 6v, 11, 14, 21v, 37v, 38v, 44v, 67, 83, 86v, 93v), geography (ff6, 9, 13, 15, 24v, 28v, 33v, 42v, 51, 62, 66, 75, 84, 92v), missionary work, evangelism (ff7v, 25v, 56, 68v, 102v), colonisation, conquest, colonial rule by force (ff5, 8, 10v, 14v, 16, 39, 55, 79v, 105v), ethics of colonisation (ff18v, 40v, 42, 104, 115), death, suicide of indigenous people (ff23v, 65v), quest for wealth (ff5, 10, 26v, 45, 47v, 51v, 55v, 62v, 76v), exploitation of resources, copper and gold mines (ff13v, 15, 19, 21, 24v, 62), trade, slavery (ff10v, 19, 21, 23v, 30v, 31v, 36, 47v, 53, 55v, 59v, 66v, 68, 71v, 80v, 107), pearl trade (f73v), health and disease, plague (f32), German traders (f75), law, legal system (f104), conflict (f39v)