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Title The History of and Travels in Virginia by William Strachey, Secretary of State, providing details of the customs, commodities and geography of Virginia in the early seventeenth century, including much detail on Native American culture
Author(s) Strachey , William
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1620
Document Type Manuscript
Library British Library
Reference MSS Sloane 1662
Region North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America
Names William Strachey, Lord La Warre, Sir Francis Bacon, John Cabot (f7), Christopher Columbus (ff7, 9v, 56), Sir Francis Drake (ff7v, 59v), Sir Walter Raleigh (ff7v, 55), Captain John Smith, William Hole, Powhaton (f23), Pochahuntus (f45v), Captain Newport (f64), Sir Richard Grenville (f55), Captain George Weymouth (f62v), Sir John Popham (f55)
Places Virginia, Florida, West Indies, Latin America, Mexico, Peru, Cape Comfort (f6), Santa Maria (f6)
Topics customs, commodities, trade, colony, plantation, illustrations of Native American boat making, fishing, motherhood, cooking, settlements, Picts (ff93-98), indigenous peoples, Native Americans (ff16, 19v), tribes, dance, land rights sold to English (f23), language (f20), song (f34v), Powatan's power, punishment (f24), marriage customs, polygamy (f25), Native regions of Virginia (f26), Monacans tribe, character and appearance of Native Americans (f28v), hair, clothes, jewelry (f29v), government (f31), religion (f35v), tribal conflict (f42), influence of English forts (f42v), weapons (f44), economics, trade (f45), copper (f47v), fruit, animals, Spanish empire (f6v), history of western interest the Americas (f6), map of Virginia (ff15, 70), location, geography (ff15, 15v), use of copper (f16), natural history, agriculture, sugar, tobacco, potatoes (f17v), climate (f17), further history of first British colony (f55), dictionary of Indian language (f99)