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Title The Illustrated London News Vol.19
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1851
Document Type Journal, Illustration
Library London Library
Region Europe, South Asia, Australasia, North America, Middle East
Names Joseph Paxton (pp1, 184), James Watt (p35), Charles Babbage (p39), Queen Victoria (pp41, 88), Nawab of Nazim of Bengal (p250),
Places Great Britain, England, City of London, Halifax (p21), Scotland (pp353-354, 419, 462), Ireland (pp417-418), Holland, Netherlands (pp365, 690), Spain (pp365, 690), Denmark (pp366, 691), France (pp690, 694), Russia (pp125, 127, 252, 691), Ionian Islands, Ceylon (pp20, 36-37, 157), India (pp163, 250), North Africa (p22), Australia (pp94, 442), Van Diemen's Land, Tasmania (p366), Zollverein, Germany (pp121-122, 165, 359, 691), United States of America, USA (pp250, 691), Caribbean (pp321, 366), Cuba (p321), Turkey (p690), China (p694)
Topics newspaper articles, exhibitions, The Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace, Palace of Industry, debate on the future of the Crystal Palace (pp1-2), details of exhibits, fine art (pp20, 153), Halifax Court (p21), dress, textiles (pp22-23, 27, 290, 307-310, 314, 358, 366, 419, 426, 435, 438-439, 460, 554, 627), housing (p27), weapons, guns (pp29, 369, 532), swords (pp136, 292), arms and armour (pp158, 294, 363), diet, food (pp30, 95), agriculture (pp31, 89-90, 101, 245, 555), sculpture (pp32-33, 38, 185, 241, 464-465, 581), Horological Section (pp34, 99, 158), Great Temple of Dambool (p37), needles (p38), Inuit, Aborigines, Aborigines Protection Societies (p94), Five Shillings Day (pp100-101), awards of prizes by juries (p102), Zollverein Court (pp121-122, 165-166, 192, 359), pottery (p126), Chubb locks (p130), natural history, taxidermy (pp133, 531), construction of the Crystal Palace (p159), fountains of the Crystal Palace (p186), tobacco (p191), Medieval Court (p362), East India Company (p365), glass blowing (p367), telegraph (pp422-423, 626), closure of the Great Exhibition (pp441, 457, 494), gold prospecting in Australia (p442), transport, railway (p458), official statistics of visitor numbers (p486), origin and management of the Great Exhibition (p504), list of prize winners, official award of medals and prizes (pp504-507, 510-512, 529-530, 577, 586), toys (p579), Report of the Royal Commission to the Queen (pp586-587)
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