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Title The Indian Eye on English Life
Author(s) Malabari, Behramji M.
Section Section II: Empire Writing & the Literature of Empire
Date 1895
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication Bombay
Publisher Apollo Printing Works
Library British Library
Reference 10349.dd8
Notes 3rd edition.
Region South Asia, Europe
Names Behramji M. Malabari, Sambhn Chunder Mookerji, Kristodas Pal (p13), Rajendralal Mitra (p13)
Places India, Bombay, London, France, Paris (p247), Cologne (p250), Munich (p251), Italy, Florence (p253), Rome (p254), St Peters (p255), Trieste (pp275, 282), Aden (p16), Suez Canal (p18), Port Said (p18), Brussels (p278)
Topics Indian literature, memoir, travel writing, subject, Indian observations of English liand culture, journalist, Indian Spectator (pp6, 19), liat sea (p11), transport (pp17, 28), railway (pp25, 183), London Underground (p184), climate (p34), over crowding (p29), dress (p43), female dress (pp18, 43), veil (p18), housing (p46), food (pp11, 47, 247), alcohol abuse (p50), class (pp54, 56, 159, 252), tobacco, smoking (pp59, 252), family li(p62), education (pp63, 160), marriage (pp62, 70-80, 161), adultery (p158), death (pp84, 109, 228), poverty (p85), charity (p87), personal appearance and hygiene (pp60, 93), religion (pp75, 94-110), Hinduism (p75), Christianity (pp94-110, 150), paganism (p94), Buddhism (p107), hunting (p115), labour unions (p122), vivisection (pp118-122), friendships (pp127, 167), military (p132), Navy (p134), colonial civil service, Indian Civil Service (p135), colonial government, misrule of India (pp67-69), weakness of the Empire rule by force (p70), equal rights (pp67, 155), mixed-race (pp93, 133), Salvation Army (pp136-143), racing (p144), future of royalty (p146), republicanism (p146), sexuality (p159), gender (p148), status of women (pp25, 28, 31, 63, 72, 151, 154), conduct of women (pp28, 29, 31, 33, 54, 72), domesticity (p28), female suffrage (p155), police (p172), omnibuses (p178), transport segregation (p66), business (pp192, 197), hotels (p185), rental accommodation (p187), trade (pp29, 192, 194), colonial trade, press in England and India (p207), exhibitions (p212), Great Exhibition (p212), Crystal Palace (pp212, 226), Madam Tussaud's (p227), Covent Garden (p230), shopping (pp194, 230), shop keeping (pp194-199), Houses of Parliament (pp134, 218), Hinduism (p10), caste (pp9, 10), Germans (p11), language, English desire for other countries to speak English (p13), Jews (pp17, 251), health and disease (pp33, 60), law (pp56, 135), opium (p58), entertainment (p201), advertising (p202), kissing (p232), vegetarianism (pp110-113)