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Title The Indian Female Evangelist
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1875
Document Type Journal, Missionary Papers
Place of Publication London
Publisher James Nisbet & Co
Library University of Birmingham Library
Reference CEZ G EA8
Region South Asia
Names Reverend John James Weitbrecht (p22), Mary Bird (p145)
Places India, Madura (p118), North West Provinces (p167), Lahore (pp313, 356), Serampore (p9), Bengal (p193), Madras (pp46, 239), Benares (pp88, 110), Valley of the Ganges (p193), Lucknow (pp188, 268), Calcutta (pp107, 240), Umritsur (p359)
Topics missionary papers, periodical, poetry, contents, Church Missionary Society, CMS, missions, female missionaries, education, schools, Zenana, Indian Female Normal School and Instruction Society, Indian female education (p255), Female Medical Mission (pp5, 37), Islam, Mohammedanism (pp15, 168, 359), native teachers (p77), Hinduism, Hindus, Hindu culture, festivals, caste system (pp55, 171, 193, 240, 378), death, burial customs, sati, suttee (pp18, 160, 200), Brahmins (pp9, 115), Ganges water (p9), Home Committee proceedings (pp41, 94, 127, 187, 237), marriage customs, re-marriage of widows (p264), Girls School Union (p327)
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